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Cancer: American men write their own signatures. Remind people of a danger of smoking – live news

Cancer: American men write their own signatures. Remind people of the Thai-BBC cigarette danger

66-year-old man in New York state in USA Write your own advertisement To remind people about the danger of smoking

Mr. died Jeffrey Turner from lung cancer on 13 February, past. After a continuous smoker for several decades But before leaving the world He wrote his own memorial, published in Albany Times Union, a local newspaper in Albany. New York City

"I'm an idiot who decided to do the same things on a day-to-day basis," said Mr. Turner. "If you're a smoker Let's now Because your life depends on it."

Mr Turner, who was diagnosed last month last November, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, which said he was a direct result of decades of continuing smoking.

"The pain and suffering caused by my family are not worth the things" Satisfaction "that does not help just waste money It took me away from my family And eventually hurt my body "

"I have a good life But there are many important stories and events in life that I can not share with the people I love again," he said. "The teachings of this story do not Stop to be a fool. "

"Remember that life is a good thing. Do not let it float on the smoke."

Mrs. Sarah Heise, Mr Turner's daughter revealed to the BBC that she was very proud of what she did "Not selfish" The last time of the father Which is the most meaningful thing he never did in his life

He said he was surprised when his father announced his memorial. "I told you he had a lot of self-criticism." But her father is shaking and saying that "Everything is true"

Mrs. said Heise that the announcement of sincere mixed writings receives positive feedback.

"Friends and weird people, the window, contact me to tell me what my father's words are and hope to hear these words from the people they love."

He began to smoke 2 years

Mrs. said High to the BBC that Anya held his father's first smoking time when he was 2 years old. His father remembered that he started smoking regularly when he was 4.

Mr Turner had stopped smoking after Mrs. Hee But after returning to smoke again in the mid-90s when traveling to work in London, he has never given up smoking again Until a diagnosis of cancer last year

But Mrs Heise said that the father never smoked in front of her children.

"When we were growing in the 80s and 90s, my dad often spoke against smoking and not let us experiment."

Mr. left Turner behind and leave five children and four grandchildren behind.

Cancer: American men write their own signatures.

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According to the USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking is the cause of preventable diseases. And the main cause of death in the United States. Every year, about half a million Americans die from diseases that are related to smoking.

In that part of Thailand Tobacco Information Research and Management Center (TRC), the University of Mahidol has produced a report on the statistics of tobacco use in Thailand in 2018 and 107 million people aged 15 or over in 1911 were found to be people young or 19.1% of the total population Most smokers are people with primary education. And find that the southern region has the highest rate of smokers

Although data from the Public Health Ministry indicated that 54,512 Thai people died from various illnesses caused by smoking, 47,770 men and 6,742 women in 2014.

The study of the Public Health Ministry also found Smokers tend to die soon up to 17.8 years and before their deaths, this group of people often suffer from chronic diseases and loses a good quality of life for an average of 3 years. Cancer in other organs, emphysema, chronic lung disease, heart disease, stroke And various complications

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