Saturday , July 2 2022

Can collapse the party! ' Toothless Senator 'borrowed money', contrary to absolute political parties – frontline newspapers t


  1. Can collapse the party! ' The Senator is Dannu Thong, 'Loan';
  2. 'Thanathorn-Piyabutr', cold! If wrong, prison for 10 years Party money is prohibited to use a Thai Post loan
  3. 'Srisuwan'; present an exploration 'Thanathorn'; to the new future, lending 110 million baht, blaming TV Voice ban.
  4. Thanathorn has been called for the 7th case, allowing the Electoral Commission to examine the hundred million "loan" for the new party in the future, BBC Thai.
  5. Thanathorn has been called Case 7 for the Electoral Commission to explore the "100 million" loan to the new party in the future.
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