Tuesday , October 4 2022

Cabinet approves the Daydream green light project Order this Decade.


GHB's green light project to move up to 1 million 3% fixed baht benefit for 5 year installments 3,800 Baht a month starting December order.

Mr. revealed Chatchai Sirilii, Managing Director of the Government Housing Bank, said Cabinet (Cabinet) approves the implementation of the State Mortgage Program by the Ministry of Finance. The project will support the GHB loan refund for retail customers. It also supports government policy to help people get their own homes. Focus is on the low income group. People work or start a family. Including the elderly. The customer group is split into two groups. 1. If the customer's income does not exceed 25,000 per person per month. A 20,000 million Baht credit limit, fixed at an interest rate of 3% during the first 5 years of sixth year. MRR-1% per annum for MRR-0.75% for the purchase of equipment and facilities. MRR interest rate (currently at an interest rate of 6.75% MRR per year) and 1 million baht loan installments starting in only 3,800 baht

2. In cases where the customer group is over 25,000 per month Credit limit of 30,000 million baht, a fixed interest rate of 3% during the first three years of the fourth year throughout the contract. MRR-1% per annum for MRR-0.50% when purchasing equipment and facilities. The MRR interest rates range from year 1 to the life of the loan. And if the loan is 1 million baht, the first 3 years start from 3,800 Baht

Chatchai said further that the bank would establish the project by December 2018. It would open the public to keep credit for the purchase or construction of houses. Purchase of housing-related equipment or facilities for the purpose of the project or ordering a loan to buy ready-to-live properties in the second quarter of 2016 which equates to 30,000 units divided by 14,000 of units in Bangkok and Of the 16,000 units in the region, there are 27,000 units of real estate and housing. GHB. State financial institutions (Standing Financial Instructions) Limited Company, Bangkok Commercial Asset Management (BAM) and Asset Management of Sukhumvit Company Limited (SAM), comprising more than 3,000 units to bring the list of selected inventories on the site. Sign up for the order at "Kick Off Million Baht Home" with 1 order per property and after ordering successfully, you will receive an SMS notification or bank confirmation. To confirm the right to apply for a loan at the GH Bank office nationwide within the 50,000 million Baht limit.

For the start of the millions project. In the Bangkok area The suburbs are held in the Government Housing Bank, Rama 9 Divisional Headquarters will be held at the Bank branch office. As well as those interested in home loans and open homes. There are also exhibitions of participating housing. There are also GHB home loan specialists available to give advice or advice to the public.

The GH Bank will inform the first phase of the application process. The law is to be done by Dec. 30, 2062 or under bank limits.

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