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Bugs are the food of the future! Generig Cake Melody Cake


Cricket Cake

Bugs are the food of the future! A delicious, sweet and useful griced cake.

Cricket Cake / Oh say that. "Insects are the food of the future" Because it is easy to breed, it is high protein and contains nutrients that help reduce cholesterol. Antibody infections in the digestive tract. A high fiber.

The latter was processed in many ways. Puddings and desserts. You can eat many people like cricket, brownie, cricket. The product is exotic. "Mr Farm Cricket"

Miss Nuntana Khum Chan or your 41-year-old fat age. Mr Farm Cricket After being located in Moo 10's number, Bangrakan, Sing Buri, Singburi, of the name "Mr. Cricket Farm", it is said that a cricket cake with brownie cricket is to start the cricket to be transformed a dessert Yes

I'm located in Singburi. And Singburi has famous fish cakes. And make a cricket farm, so you want to invent cricket and brownie cricket recipes. High fiber protection. Let's know.

The process is like a cake. The cricket cake process is stepping up, using cricket flour, which is a method of throwing the cricket to make unnecessary cricket. First of all must be started. When cricket is large enough to catch The crickets have been cooked with eggs and eggs.

Then bake it and sow it for cricket flour. It is mixed with the ingredients in the cake in the 60 per cent for cricket cake products. For sale at a price of 460 baht per kilogram of cricket. Price and box of 150 baht and other products that have been processed. Crispy Berllys Crispy Chili Crispy Crispy Crispy Chili

For those who want to taste cricket products that have been processed on November 19-23, 2561, you're cricket farming. Get a booth at the fair. "Agriculture and Technology Exhibition" The heroic city "at the University of Agriculture and Technology, Singburi. It can be bought and purchased here. For further inquiries, contact FB: Khun Krathong Farmer, Tel 099-0575599

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