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BTS – Sansiri launches "The Line Phahon Yothin Park" on the green line at the Ladprao crossroads.


Monday, November 12, 2061, 15.14

BTS – Sansiri Launched "The Line Phahonyothin Park"

Top lineFive Ladprao separately.

BTS – Sansiri The repetitive success of the partnership.Development of the condominium.Mason Transformation System The condominium project "The Line Phahon Yothin Park" was recently launched under the joint initiative between Sansiri.And 880 BTS Group, which is worth Bt4,900 million. The concept is "Imagination in Everything".Happiness and connection around.All comfort. On the "Ladprao crossing" in every trip. Living and Living Multifunctional transport hubThe two electric lines are only 300 meters from the green line.The Ladprao crossroads will be open to serve.By the end of 2019 and 700 meters of the metro station.Phaholyothin, adjacent to the entrance, the bus station. And Don Mueang International Airport. Contact each destination.It is also an information source.The main lifestyle store.Tasty and large park in Perry.Lung people of Bangkok first! With the concept of condominium development conceptA "Green" Concept "full with a view of the garden.Over 8 are common areas and up to 3,000 square meters with Co-Live. Space, based on the concept of condominium development.The full line brand in the project. Ready to open in full. After furnishing to start the price of only 3.59 million * On November 17-18.

Mr. Pramote Chulmaneechote Deputy Director-GeneralThe Sansiri condominium project revealed that BTS Group and Sansiri were successfulDevelop condominiums.The mass transfer system.The total value of the projects is Baht 43,000 million.Sale off on premiere day.The latest STSiri Group Group BTS BTS launches condominium "The Line Phaholyothin Park B", a total of 880 units worth Bt4,900mn.Location of the potential "Five Crosssex Ladprao" where life is close to every happiness andFor every convenience. Accept all travel. Live and Live No pointThe transportation is very convenient, only 2 MRT is within 300 meters of the Green Line.Ladprao Crossroads The service will be available.By the end of this year, 2062 and 700 meters from the metro station.Phaholyothin, adjacent to the entrance, the bus station. And Don Mueang International Airport.It can contact any ability.Want It's also a place.The main lifestyle store.Styles such as Central Ladprao, Union Mall Chatuchak Weekend Market And the parkThe people's lungs of Bangkok are 3 large gardens, such as Chatuchak Park, Her Majesty's Sirikit Park. A Wachira Benjathat Park (Railway Park) etc.

"Condominium in a great location".Phaholyothin has an increasing demand.The average price is 17.7% per year.Equally 12% in the past 5 years.Close to the BTS StationHe moved closer to the price.Sukhumvit location The site's potential is innocent.Include location of office building.For example, PTT Public Company Limited, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited, Siam Commercial Office Head Office.Real life (Real Demand) office staff.Search for a condominium that can be doneFar from the work And the group also needs.Traditional dwelling to expand the family But still want to live in itO existing housing. The condominium is anotherComfortably and closeThe footpath and mass transfer system.The price is also understandable. Previously, the companySuccess of theThe Line Chatuchak – Mo Chit This is a small conference.The first project underBetween Sansiri and BTS Group, they can close the sales immediately.The first to open Pre-release in 2015, "said Mr Paktip.

As well as excellent numbersLocation It's located in SuThe Green Line Project Line Phahonyothin Park Line is also a first project.The concept of condominium development."Green" concept, the first full of Sansiri. Under the concept, "Green is a new luxury" in a garden area of ​​more than 8 and a central area of ​​up to 3,000 square meters, the main idea is to consider it.The Environment covers four key areas of the project: 1. Green Innovation.The environment in the area.Central Solar Cover 2. Green Use of Material – Construction EquipmentGreen Blox 3. Green Residential Unit.Saving energy And good to quality of life.O such as Well-Air 4. Green Plant Planting ECO Absorption and corruption And reduce heat also.

A large garden is typical of the Paholyothin Park line.No more than 8 people in the project can have it.There is currently a busy central area.After developing under the Co-habit concept. Space.Condominium has been fully furnished in this project. To answer people's lifestyle.Recently I've covered themCo-cooking is also available. Studio opens cooking experience.Unlike other kitchen appliances,High Quality BrandsThe world here. Hackers and Miele brands of Germany. Enjoy the feeling.Cooking in the middle of nature. Light and shadow effectCooperative PlaceWork with the department.There are 3 domains starting with Photo. Studio, Studio, Photo, Applied Tools by working space.The middle circle is suitable for work.And group work With the Ferry scheme.Modular Conference and Meeting Rooms and Living Room Lolfa, relaxed with colorfulThe whole party. Watch movies or play games. Take always to relax.Absolutely

It also provides a place for children.Relax with nature.More on the 32st floor of the park. It can see the sun.The sun and the sunshine every day. In the same floor space.Sky Twinkle Pool & # 39; offers a swimming pool in your areaVery visible With a Jacuzzi pool and children, together with a 180 degree panoramic view of the fitness center, the area is divided into 3 domains with a variety of exercises. The new line includes the Reax, Reax Light and Fluiball Board. The Phaholyothin Line Park Condominium.The price starts only 3.59 million *.This 17-18 November with promotions.Order in the electrical appliances for free.Full set *

"The company believes that the Phaholyothin Park line is another projectCo-operation between Sansiri and BSuccessful TS group And confidence in the ponds.Brand new condominiumSansiri's excellent projects includeThe location is a great location.This is because of the success.This will lead to the company canCondominium sales have come back.More than 30,500 million baht were assigned. The best year of Sansiri is #SansiriBestYearEver, "said Bhumiphat.

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