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Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among women in Thailand and around the world.


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& # 39;Breast cancer& # 39;– – Breast cancer remains a common cancer. 1 In Thai women and around the world. A disease women should focus on. Especially those in the risk group.

Break.. Cancer specialist Phramongkutklao Hospital said that those in the risk group can prevent the subsequent hazards of the cancer. Regular screening for breast cancer. You and your doctor have breast cancer screening. Combined with mammogram Can reduce the death rate of breast cancer up to a percent. 30

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"If cancer is detected early. If you were treated properly by a medical professional, it can be improved."

For breast cancer situation at present. You go to the correct address. With advanced medical technology. Better screening system Better diagnosis Carers today cares for their own health. It can discover more cancer in the early stages. The chance of improving is better with him.

In cases where the patient is diagnosed as breast cancer. The treatment will be carried out by a team of doctors in different areas such as surgeons, radiologists and cancer specialists. Join the best and most appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

By choosing breast cancer treatment. She has an operation. Ideally for early breast cancer detection. At the moment there is no need to break the whole breast. You can choose breast surgery. Is the cut in the adjacent breast and tissue cancer area, the use of radiation therapy, or what is known as. "Arbitration/ /Ymbelydredd"

There is also a hormone treatment. Or anti-hormonal drugs. Use some types of sensitive hormones. Chemotherapy (chemotherapy) Or chemo

The new method is to use drugs that specifically target cancer cells. Therapy has to target This is a treatment for drugs that are specific to cancer that is exposed to specific drug-related disorders.

Break.State said. The patient has a basic understanding of breast cancer. The patient can talk to the doctor about the disease and the treatment more clearly. And take care of yourself better with the disease. There is now a lot of information on the internet.

"But the doctor advised patients to choose reliable sources. Thai Cancer Association Website. Or if you regularly use smart phone. You can download the named application. Pink Warning Breast Cancer Awareness Have a preliminary test of one we are at risk. Self-Examination Technique Find a Frequently Asked Questions Cancer Care Center It also has a Czech check function with the doctor as well." Break.Nyan State

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Narumon Female Pharmacist

Naruemol Qin Kamolthong, MD, Early Patient Breast Cancer Patients Share the experience. "During breast brakes. 34 & Year is not in the risk group. He came to consult a doctor. Breast cancer appears to be in the early stages. Which is very lucky. I find it faster lighter.

"Treating all cancer patients is not the same. Because we are breastfeeding 2 I also treat each other. Leaked with a hormone with light. The right side of the light and the chemo light, so I can recommend that every girl looks after their health and their breast. If you're chopping or feeling their own is abnormal. Find reliable sources. Go to the doctor. Breast cancer is not as daunting as he thought." Ms. Naruemol Pharmacy

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