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Boy post The Bang Bua Thong branch, Dead Enigma, was a dead body


Boy post The Bang Bua Thong branch, Dead Enigma, was a dead body

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Aback !! Found a young body, a post worker Bang Bua Thong Branch The death of the puzzle in the renting room reveals that the deceased is constantly drinking alcohol.

At 16.30 am, 21 February 62, Pol.Lt. Suphakul Phromwong, Deputy Minister of Inquiry, Bang Bua Thong Police Station, Nalai Province, about the deaths in the bathroom. Renting Room, No. 35/10, Moo 5, Bang Rak Pattana Sub-share, Bang Bua Thong District, Nonthaburi Province. Volunteer Institute, Tek Tung Travel Organization to check

The room is a two-storey rental room in the first floor rent room, room number 2, inside the bathroom. Mr Veerathep Chitbanchong, 46, was found as a Bang Bua Thong Branch post office worker, house number 78/249, Moo 2, Sub-share Phlap Bang, Pak Kret Area, Nonthaburi Province. Do not wear clothes The body lay down. The bad aroma comes out. From the exam in the room No signs of fighting Lue people were found. Relationships are still over

Oh questioning, Mrs. Dok O Sukprasert, 46, a friend near the room told me he saw the last person who died last Friday. Usually, the deceased will drink alcohol every day and will not interfere with anyone. He had a rotten odor for about 3-4 days but did not think anything Today, the morning smell of the morning is stirred up. So, he has appointed officers to check It seems that Mr. Weerathep lies in the bathroom.

Initially, the police have questioned the residents in the renting room first. With the assumption the deceased may have inherent disease in addition to drinking alcohol regularly, causing illness to re-break But because of its isolation, no-one can help Cause a death of & # 39 kind

However, having to make a thorough inquiry from relatives again And then the body of the deceased gave rescue staff for the Institute of Forensic Science. Further investigate the cause of a real death.

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