Wednesday , June 16 2021

App Store invites you to enjoy the world of manga and animation.

If you open the App Store app right now, you will find yourself extremely cute. Extreme Mink Nets From famous manga and animation characters, many of us have opted for manga lovers like you. Whether it’s a famous cartoon game Including apps to read and watch cartoons enjoy After that, let’s take our hand and wander through the world of comics!

Extreme action game, animation style

While the word “anime” in Japanese means “animation”, in English it is an animation with unique lines in the Japanese style. Whichever is the definition You will know immediately when you see it. The same goes for these animation style games as well. It has a rich story. The characters are beautifully illustrated. And deep play modes that definitely love animation fans like you

Let’s start with the game The Genshin Effect That will allow you to join the adventure in a wonderful open world that is both vast and surprising. You will discover treasure boxes. Face the enemy Or complete quests along the way in this expansive map in this game. Download the Genshin Effect on your iPhone and iPad.

Let’s continue with another manga. Who remembers “Saitama”, the round-headed guy who comes with one punch ready to beat everyone at One Punch Man, where on this occasion he invites you to have fun with him and his friends. In the game One Punch Man: The Strongest Which is in addition to filling the flavor of the time when it was animated or manga Also makes sound as well as One Punch Man: The Strongest can be downloaded on iPhone and iPad.

Manga App Store

Crossings join together in ways you might not have imagined.

The most wonderful surprise of my life Sometimes it can be caused by two unrelated things, such as raw fish with rice, hot honey with pizza, or egg yolk and coffee, so we’re very happy. To see our favorite games team with celebrity animation and manga to create the ultimate crossover content that brings familiar characters to new locations. Let’s go have fun with these games and enjoy with your favorite franchises.

Manga App Store

Garena RoV Cross with Ultraman even though he only has three minutes on TV But this hero will join other heroes in an exciting MOBA game that has won the hearts of Thai gamers, it can be played on iPhone and iPad.

Maple M story intersects with “Attack on Titan” From now until November 25, there will be a special event at the Maple Story M game featuring the main characters of the animation. “Attack on Titan” or Attack on Titan joins the inquest at the training center. And there are also extra coins for you to collect, which can be played on your iPhone and iPad.

FAILURE LINE The crossover with “Shin-chan” doubles the cuteness with the restaurant opening game. Make desserts, deliver customers on time A troubled little boy “Shin-chan” will come in to add lots of color, fun and delicious. Make sure you try it on your iPhone and iPad.

Read and watch cartoons everywhere.

Lovely line art From Japanese manga Or other action scenes From Western animation Makes you more immersed in the world beyond full imagination. For anyone who likes to read manga, they love romance. Kakao is recommended for 79% in the app. Comic Which tells the sweet love story of two childhood friends That’s because that moving house made our love grow This story is suitable for real-life romance novels. Because there are more than 200 chapters to follow! Download Comico manga app on iPhone and iPad.

Manga App Store

Come join the fast paced manga that will change your whole world. With the cuteness of the young girls, the 9 music goddesses with the necessary idol actions with the cartoon movie “Love Live! Nichigazaki School Idol Club” are at the app Flixer Download the app to watch Flixer cartoons on iPhone and iPad.

Manga App Store

And if anyone who likes to watch manga, action and fantasy has to be full with “Jujutsu Kaisen, the great magic of the devil” in the app. iQiyi Which talks about the main male character having to go to a specialized supernatural school In order to practice getting rid of these ghosts who are now showing until Episode 7! Download the app to watch new cartoons in iQiyi on iPhone and iPad.

Would you like to try drawing cartoons for a while?

Read and watch cartoons until in! Doing a lot of people The dreamer wanted to be a manga artist with him. We would like to recommend a cool app. That will help you train you easily to become an amateur illustrator Let’s start with an app that teaches drawing, ShadowDraw: Learn How to Draw Where the app acts as a teacher that teaches us to draw teacher by line, line by line, try to play, who would think we will be able to draw as a master In a matter of minutes, download the ShadowDraw app: Learn How to Draw on your iPad for free.

And while practicing your hands until you get used You can even try drawing freely on white canvas in the award-winning Procreate app. Procreate pocket For use on the iPhone as well, download the Procreate Pocket app for use on the iPhone for 149 baht.

Download the Procreate App for iPad for 299 baht.

And finally, if you want to create an animated cartoon story in the form of an animation. We recommend that you try playing the app as Foliooscope: Animation Network To help you create your own cartoon stories, download the free Folioscope: Network Animation app on your iPhone and iPad.

Hopefully this weekend, with a great App Store app, you’ll have fun immersing yourself in the unimaginable world of manga and animation just like us. Some!

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