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Zhang Zifeng stops on the sneakers and appears at the Golden Horse Wine Club. Exit "Worry Girls" Entertainment Zhou Xun | News NOWnews Today


▲ Zhang Zifeng revealed that Zhou Xun had also suffered for weight loss. (Photo / photo maker Ye Zhengxun, 2010.11.16)

The 55th Golden Horse Awards were held at reception today (16th). Zhao Tao, who was shortlisted for "Actress Best" with "Children of the Rivers and Lakes", also the second time to be nominated for the Gold Horse Award. Will he be disappointed with the prize? Zhao Tao said: "No, because the final is a real confirmation. Do you earn or not rely on the judging advantage this year." Zhang Zifeng, who plays the daughter of Zhou Xun, is "Hello, Zhihua", wearing a cap. The shoes are on the scene and are quite easy.

Zhao Tao talked about "Children of the Rivers and the Lakes": "From a simple woman to a sophisticated woman, this change is harder for me." But he also said she had been playing her script in recent years. Most are similar to previous performances and performances, and they hide for a role that they had never received from before.

Some media said that it might be necessary to ask the director's director Jia Zhangke to have a role to do especially to her, but Zhao Tao said that two people are very tough with the art, and it will not be special because both husband and wife. Treatment. Ask if you want to write a script in the future? Zhao Tao said: "I think it's good for me to make the actor well."

▲ Zhao Tao, heroin attended
▲ Zhao Tao, heroin "The Children of the Rivers and Lakes", the Golden Horse Final Receiver. (Photograph / correspondent Ye Zhengxun, 2018.11.16)

Zhang Zifeng, the daughter of Zhou Xun, then appeared in "Hello, China". She was 17 and she was very easy to send a party. When asked to play with Zhou Xun, who would be very nervous? Zhang Zifeng also admitted that Zhou Xun's gas field is very strong, so it's very nervous. Regarding the girl who has not really talked about love, how does she feel the feeling of falling out of love? He said that many things are somewhat changing, and even more laughing after filming, I do not want to fall in love.

▲ Zhang Zifeng did not talk about love. (Photo / photo maker Ye Zhengxun, 2010.11.16)

After asking for Zhou Xun, did you find that it's the one with the ordinary person? Zhang Zifeng said with a smile: "It's just to lose weight. In the studio, the agent says they do not eat too much, but Xunyi will recommend it and we are very kind." Zhang Zifeng also said there were many bridges in play. They are all temporary lines, like his performance with the dog with Zhou Xun, when the dog ran away, she was very confusing, Zhou Xun would say: "Do not let him let him play. " It's very natural to go over.

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