Monday , January 17 2022

You must look after the election if you are breathing. Lu Qiuyuan: Do not spoil relatives and friends about politics Apple Daily


Lawyer / Lu Qiuyuan

For some people, there is support for Chen Qimai only because the country that does not want to become one "becomes the infested plague is annoying, can not open the regulatory jokes, do not insult" the leader, do not be incredibly gone away, pleading guilty, no freedom to speak, as Uighurs The same is true for someone ordered to live in your home. Indeed, maybe & I like the DPP at all.

Do you think this statement is too high? Delayed landslide? Then why people say that every election will say, "If you do not keep me, the Republic of China will be destroyed", and you will die if you die, but you still have that? Has anyone ever believed?

Elections are our daily routine, just like breathing, do not take this kind of thing too serious.o

If you're a stranger, you do not have the same option as you choose. I do not like to protect the family. You always want to convince yourself. As this kind of thing is a belief, you can express your opinion. Of course, it can continue. Anyway, even if you think the election is an intelligence test, its knowledge is low on you. Perhaps something is your opponent. You may be able to flat it in the business field. Why do you think he still has the opportunity to handle? It will be one in four years, and the new rate is very fast. I'm not really afraid of too much. I can not get angry with this.

In the case of your close relatives, you need to think about it. When you are seriously ill in bed, you will not come to you for the urine. Guoyu will not come cold and ask for help. When you die, you will also send you a small electronic couple. Only. Really sick, dying, joyful and sad, or your relatives and friends are sad and happy for you, why do you bother to be angry with other people for election others?

Make sure you take care of politics, but do not spoil your friends and relatives over politics.

I like this to my dad, although I know he will not support two good and bad, he's still my dad. And my mother, she'll promise to love me, this is very obvious to me. However, I love them so much.

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