Tuesday , January 26 2021

Trump's attitude has finally softened! Eliminate additional restrictions on the mainland but still restrict investment ETtoday Finance

▲ ▼ President of the United States Trump. (Photo / Reuters)

▲ United States President The Trump attitude towards a major land investment has softened. (Photo / Reuters)

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The attitude of the US President Trump towards slandered land investment has decided to dismiss the White House's idea of ​​imposing strict restrictions to the mainland. However, the attitude of high-tech industry of the mainland invested in the US is still quite strong.

According to CNBC, the US Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, stressed Wednesday, "we are treating the mainland equally and treating other countries equally." Anyway,Derek Siswrn, a scholar at the American Enterprise Foundation in the Washington tank, states that while Trump is avoids targeting Beijing, it is still softening the trade between the mainland and US technology industry United States..

On Tuesday, Trump decided to give the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS), responsible for reviewing foreign procurement of US companies, managing the restrictions on Chinese investment in companies USA, put the worst restrictions on major land offerings, and pass on hopes to the new bill proposed by Congress. Strengthen the authority of the committee to enable it to look in detail at the threat of foreign investment in national security.

▲ ▼ President of the United States Trump, President of China Xi Jinping, US-China Trade, Sino-UDA Trade, Sino-USA Connections. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

▲ Trump gave extra tight restrictions on large-scale companies. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

The chair of the US Foreign Investment Committee also said on Wednesday that the best way to protect American technology is to act in accordance with existing laws and not to use administrative methods. Shi Jiandao said,"Of course we do not want to buy it from other countries, but these countries do not have any money, and we do not have to give North Korea the best to buy American technology because you can not buy it with rice . "

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