Wednesday , March 3 2021

The three legal persons sold over 4.547 billion yuan. The detailed period of the foreign capital period was synchronized with the sky. The production and This Hai were attacked again.

Taiwan's stocks today (27) rose black, and the final price increased by 13.26 points to 9778.62 points. The transaction value was NT $ 99.496 billion. The three main legal persons sold a total of $ 4.547 billion, only self-employed to buy overseas investments. In synchronization with the short sale, today, in addition to the sniper funded by foreign currency and foreign finance, Honghai was sold over 1818 foreign capital, the second consecutive day of sale.

Today, sales of overseas and land were higher than 4.275 billion yuan, investment letters sold over 296 million yuan, self-employed buyers bought over 0.24 billion yuan, and the legal legal people sold more than 4.547 billion yuan.

In terms of a future, foreign investment has an empty site of 7,302, with an inflexible balance of 36,300, a total of 62 credits, and an inflexible empty account of 28,700. The self-employed replenished more than 3,874, and the outstanding balance was 2,427. Joyful.

Today, foreign investors bought a total of 16,300 UA, the second place was 15,900 Huabang, the third group was 10,800, the fourth was Taiwan 50, and the other was 10.1 million. The fifth place was Wanghong 9002. Zhang, the 6th Gangkook Guangkook 5505, the 7th Huatong 5006, the 8th Xinxing 3805, the 9th Yuanda S & P is 2 3666, the 10th Asian mud 3491.

Foreign capital sold more than 353,000 Taiwanese sheep, the second Fubon VIX was 231,000, the third Datong was 115,000, the fourth was Yingye 9739, and the Fubon Gold 5th 7238, the sixth 7,238 Fubonbon gold, 7083 enterprises Taiwan, 7758 Guotai aur, 5,737 Sinopec, to 1056.

The top 3 traders were purchased and sold, and 5,807 from Changlong Airlines, the second place, 2,306 Shanghai Commercial Banks, 2,519 Lianmao, 1519, and the first, 5,854, and second, 5,196 3rd place where 5011 from pieces of Zhaofeng Gold.

The top 3 self-employed traders bought 4003 first Taiwan foul pieces, 2nd anti-1 3553 Yuanda Taiwan 50 pieces, 3rd Xinxing extracts 3323; Yuanda Shanghai-Shenzhen was sold 300 positive 1st 2, 1700, the second largest crude oil of Yuanda S & P is 2,766, and the third largest crude oil of Yuanda S & P is 2,347.

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