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The batch is green! Changmei Ice Shop: The gambling has not voted for mother flowers for 8 years – Life – Zhongshi News t

The "Changmei Ice Shop" has recently opened through the Facebook fans page! Although the purpose is to cut the store and Korean food map Yu, we do not want to take this food list to ask in the store, but because of the excitement of “ideology”, it has caused t discussion amongst networkers. The citizen endorsed the green credentials of the DPP as recommending not to let the shop door welcome the green to eat only the cloth. Today, "Changmei Ice Shop" sings April's Fool Happy Day, and it has a long text on Facebook, it seems to explain the talk. She voted her vote. "

"Changmei Ice Shop" today, at the beginning of the PO article, shows that "the third generation of Changmei aka Qishan Peng Yuxi". Thanks to the enthusiastic villagers for their support, "Linbei is also busy making a big leap. So take a day off for a day to prepare for the body." The following three perspectives were then presented, and in response, there is a storm. has recently risen.

The second point, Changmei Bingdian said that Huama had been the mayor of Kaohsiung for eight years. "Linbei's gambling has not voted for it for 8 years," due to landfilling of Qishan Matoushan's business waste and Dalin waste slag. The backlog of agricultural land, the demolition of Qishan Ditchou, deforestation of Central Park determined to include Li Keyong Memorial Library, the president of the Self-help Committee was beaten by the Office of Destruction of the Underworld, and the municipal government motivated the r t best police to stop protests & local residents. Heart of Lin Bei. "

Changmei Bingdian also noted "at the moment, I have to say that Mr. Yu from South Korea is fair to say that the termination of Matou Mountain Landfill Site will be terminated as soon as it is in office," and that it will protect a global bad landscape. At the same time, he also wants to bomb them. "Green Donkey" said protecting the environment, human rights, history, and gender equality are the issues they care for in their everyday lives, one that is your mayor. is blue or green or green to blue (return to the little giant … ..).

Finally, Changmei Bingdian said that there had been a lot of comments in the last few days, supporting the refill or the cognac. We regret that they don't have time to respond carefully, but they're feeling insurmountable, because they Taiwan, who have freedom to speak, are very good.

Article source: Qishan Changmei Ice Shop

(China Times Newsletter)

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