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2018 Smart City Forum

2018 Smart City Forum (Taiwan Source English News)

In this summer, I went to Sibuya, California to take a summer break and visit old friends. He invited to talk about the political situation in Taiwan, so that the Taiwanese residents of the age of 30 and 40 who had stayed in the United States were totally exported. The political situation was elected in Taiwan as president of Tsai Ing-wen, leading Taiwan to return to the homeland and the global camp, and the US President Trump launched the US and China trade warfare and Plaid China's Communist Party is publicly and comprehensively promoting spokesmen in Taiwan. Participating in the elections has made the political situation in Taiwan now understandable in blue, green and unified. As we live in Taiwan, Taiwan's beauty, in the middle of the fake news, can not tell if it's black and white.

Although I was in it, I was not on the front line, and I did not have everyday pressure. So I had to read the Fukuzawa Yukichi autobiography, the Japanese Meiji Recovery mindset, and I had an inspiration to share with them. Prior to the Meiji Recovery, the forces in the West hit the whole country. People with high ideals, like the Fukuzawa, decided that the study of saints that they learned from China in the past could not survive the country, along with the shogunate of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Two hundred years of conservative control has reached the end of the strong, so the theory of reform has emerged. The Fukuzawa national reform initiatives that welcome Western learning (Western practical learning) and self-reliance (not governmental) have enabled Japan to move towards a scientific and civic society.

Both of these new ideas have enabled Japan to intervene to Asia and become the first country of democracy and Asian prosperity, which deserves to be admired by future generations. Although it has been 150 years apart, in economically developed Taiwan, society progress is still inadequate, so such proposals may still be necessary. If we can follow this spirit and take the pragmatic steps of the Taiwanese, the science and citizenship of the Taiwanese society may still hope to get rid of the tradition back, feudal and move on to a higher level. It will not be a normal and healthy country because it is suspended by China, which is under communist autism.

After returning to China in mid-August, I started visiting two or three senior friends to discuss how to promote this concept. Finally, I decided to take steps to prepare for the establishment of the "Taiwan Science and Civilization Policy Council" to introduce the scientific civilization of the Western and Eastern Tissue and promote mathematical logic. Practical information such as innovative industries and the concept of civil society with dignity and self reliance. We will break the fundamental universal human rights values ​​in the West from reforming education and social ethos, and eliminate the tangible and intangible authoritarian traditions to achieve the aim of promoting Taiwan's social civilization modernization. 遂 集合 集合 集合集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合 集合

Is Taiwan not already a world class and a technology industry? Is society not already very exposed? Over the last 20 years, Taiwan's democracy has also made great progress. Both political parties have revolved, but they have not had political power with a reasonable choice of leading citizens. Just to "make their feelings" and your sadness. They are more sensitive and less logical, obviously from civil society. There is still a distance. Most of the technology industry operates with dividends and family management, rather than developing with an innovative corporate culture and an equal partnership. The society still acts with a human reason and considers the legal system as a reference.

In the case of the university, the truth was not considered as the only core value. Instead, they have smuggles and ranks of learning and funding, and can not lead the social atmosphere and set a good example to the new generation. It is possible to say that the common problems of Taiwan's circles, industry and academic society are superficial, strong and competitive only, without the decision to embrace core values ​​and not to participate and learn. On the occasion of this political situation, this Council will introduce the essence of scientific civilization to the Western and Eastern Oceans, and strive to spread to all levels of society and across generations. The persistent incentive of the period will be for Taiwan's centenary condition, and Taiwan will become a member of the global village.

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