Monday , June 27 2022

Steam “Monster Hunter World” was bombarded with negative reviews because of a pun in the movie “Monster Hunter” | 4Gamers



“Monster Hunter World” is a good game, especially after its launch on Steam in 2018, it has won the favor of many players who have never contacted the series, but now you go to page Steam shop and you will find that yesterday (4) There were more than 1092 negative reviews, and a closer look at the content of the reviews revealed that most of them were Chinese players, and they came for the Monster Hunter Movie.

The live-action movie “Monster Hunter” premiered recently in China, and it didn’t take long for Chinese social media attention and anger due to surname. A Chinese American soldier in the movie said to his co-host: “What kind of knees are these?” Then he asked and answered: “You kneels.”

As analyst Daniel Ahmad said, this pun was not popular, but rather angered Chinese audiences. According to foreign media, the film’s line is believed to include “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees, look at these.” The rhyming language evolved, which seems to have been used for racial discrimination for a long time.

So, since this topic first popped up in the Chinese SNS community in recent days, the overwhelming majority of Chinese netizens have pointed out that the movie has insulted China, and the Steam comments on “Monster Hunter World” has also become a cathartic channel.


According to the Chinese Internet, the movie “Monster Hunter” may be taken off the shelves in this wave of events, and it seems likely that the movie will be reviewed to keep the box office market going Chinese. Capcom also issued an announcement through Weibo, emphasizing that games and movies are produced by different companies, and has gathered netizens’ views on films for the relevant companies.


“Monster Hunter” was released in Taiwan on December 4.

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