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Sony confirms that PS5 will have a variable refresh rate function through future updates — Computer King Ada

PlayStation 5 has been officially launched, and players all over the world are eager to shout about its true fragrance. The popularity can be said to be hard to find. However, compared to its Xbox Series X opponent, some features are still not supported, but this scenario will not continue. For too long, the future may be able to keep pace. Sony has confirmed that it will give PS5 a variable update rate function in an updated way.
PS5 is too big

Sony confirms that PS5 will have a variable refresh rate function through future updates

According to VGC foreign media report, PS5 will be added with variable update rate (VRR) function in the next. This function is mainly used to reduce screen tearing and jitter during high frame rate games. This functionality is Microsoft Provided in the previous generation of games consoles, but VRR is more important for games that support more than 60fps. According to an article by Alex Battaglia in the EuroGamer game media, works of larger games like Assassin’s Creed: Viking Era and Dirt 5 are currently showing a sense of rupture visible to the naked eye on the PS5 platform.

As more and more games begin to set the target above 60fps in the switching cycle between old and new hosts, but can’t always maintain the target value, we can see the long-lost sense of tearing return. This is the first point. It no longer exists on the first generation of mainframes. If this feature is not updated on PS5, there will be more and more games that have a noticeable tease at play. This is not a good development, and the appearance of VRR is that the update rate of each game is different. s solution. From the picture below, you can see that the Xbox Series X and PS5 target frame rate is 60fps. In the resolution range of 1440P – 1728P, it takes a lot of time to process the scene part. Xbox Series S provides resolution from 1296P to 30fps – Between 1440P.

Source Image source: EuroGamer

While the VVR function was skipped when the console launched, fortunately, Sony was ready to do it. It supports VRR through HDMI 2.1 and allows players to play games that support VRR on HDMI 2.1 displays (although 4K TVs supporting HDMI 2.1 are still. Not mainstream). Additionally, Sony has confirmed that future PS5 console can also support SSD expansion, and may also support native 1440P resolution, etc., but it will take time. I hope Sony doesn’t let players wait too long.

◎ Source: VGC, EuroGamer

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