Saturday , May 28 2022

Sony confirms PlayStation will not take part in 2019 E3, first time absent in 24 consecutive years | 4Gamers


The US E3 2019 Game Show will be significantly changed. Sony today (16th) confirmed that the PlayStation will be absent from the E3 show next year. This is the first time for E3 to be absent for 24 years!

Since the E3 started in 1995, Sony has always been familiar with it, even if it was the lowest tide of E3, it was punctual. Although some people think Sony is absent from preparing the way for "PS5," do not forget, even if the E3 2012, which is to be transferred by the PS3, holds to showcase (PS4 initial public meeting in February 2013)

In the statement, Sony emphasized, as the industry evolved, PlayStation will continue to look for more opportunities to reach the community. They are the world's players, so they want to innovate and think of different ways of motivating players.

It is worth noting that Jennifer Clark, senior vice president of PlayStation, told Gameinformer that Sony will not be holding a pre-show presentation during the E3 2019.

As well as speculation on the timing of the publication of "PS5", one must also pay attention to one thing. E3, which was originally a commercial show only, has made many changes in recent years, including the general public opening, and game makers continue to look for more approaches in E3 . For example, EA, Microsoft, and Nintendo have chosen to rent a location to host large-scale play events; It's reasonably guessing, as well as reorganizing resources, Sony may intend to focus on community building and prepare for the next generation.

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