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Sharing the company's investment, Kraft Heinz, a famous tomato sauce, has spread more than 28% |钜 亨 网 – Stocks & States


After a series of disappointing news, Kraft Heinz, the famous world bundle, lost more than $ 4 billion a day at Berkshire Hathaway, conducted by Warren Buffett.

KFC-US stocks were opened lower on Friday (22nd), due to financial losses, recognition of goodwill impairment, and SEC subpoena investigations. The price of the company's share has plunged more than 28%, which dragged the share price of Berkshire Hathaway almost 1.60%.

Kraft Heinz price chart (Figure: investment)

By the end of 2018, Berkshire Hathaway had 325 million shares of Kraft Heinz. Kraft Heinz is a food maker with more than 200 sub-brands, including Heinz Ketchup, Kraft Pass and Cheese.

For Berkshire Hathaway management, he is almost unknown for digital decline in holding stocks, because Berkshire tends to hold strong brands with large dividends and fixed cash flows.

Recently, the Berkshire Hathaway stock price has recently secured consecutive losses, including Apple stocks, Goldman Sachs and Delta Air Lines.

With the release of recent Apple revenue suppliers, Apple financial reforms, Delta downgrading, and Goldman Sachs 1MDB financial scandal, the company has made a lot of blood loss for Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway.

Warren Buffett's stock was lost in succession. (Photograph: AFP)

Due to the global increase in raw materials and freight costs, almost all US consumer makers were suspended. Freight freight drivers and the increase in freight rates have also increased. Kraft Heinz announced the latest financial report on Thursday (21st).

Thursday (21st) After the US stock market, Kraft Heinz announced its fourth quarter earnings, with a net profit of 0.84 cents, down 6.7% year on year; Four quarter revenues were $ 6.89 billion, both indicators were lower than analysts. Expected.

Kraft Heinz also announced that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) had published a company subpoena in October last year as part of a procurement accounting policy inquiry.

There are a number of bad news released by Kraft Heinz on one day collapsing the stock price of the company, and also the Berkshire Hathaway drag, controlled by Warren Buffett.

In May 2018, Warren Buffett said about his main product user Kraft Heinz: "Together with Heinz's tricks, it's hard for other companies to get a piece of Heinz's cough. It's hard to get cream from Philadelphia. of cheese, they are still a very good business. "

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