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Regardly review the golden flow of bundles before the election? Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank, said this Finance | News NOWnews Today

▲ Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank. (Picture / Yan Zhenzhen Reporter)
▲ Yang Jinlong, President of the Central Bank. (Picture / Yan Zhenzhen Reporter)

The election is coming, the government is the name of preventing money laundering, and the backward financial flow is strictly controlled. The heads of the three ministry will go to the Legislative Yuan project report next Monday (October 22), and relevant written reports will also be released. Yang Jinlong, president of the central bank, stressed that the management of China's foreign exchange funds has been liberalized and there are no regulatory powers and measures. However, individual banks can carry out risk-based measures to strengthen the review of case payments.

The FSC also said that it has not targeted on the mainland. In practice, as long as the client works together to provide explanations and reasonable information, it will not affect the transfer of his money. Finance Minister Su Jianrong stressed that public financial banks should handle cross border transfer operations in accordance with the provisions of the Law Prevention of Money Laundering and the Dangerous Prevention and Control Law. However, they did not review the strongholds and conclusions of Taiwanese companies in the mainland, requesting detailed transaction certificates. Otherwise, it will be banned to the remit of payment, etc., and respect the disposition of each bank in accordance with the law.

On October 22, the Yuan Legislative Home Affairs Committee will invite the heads of the MAC, the Financial Control Committee, the Central Bank, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Justice and other ministries to "check against the government to stop the impact of foreign funds at the end elections at the end of the year The special report on misuse of power from the Stream Aur At the same time, the Finance Committee invited the Ministry of Finance, the Financial Control Commission and the heads of the Central Bank and Ministry of Justice to give special reports on how to avoid the public stock bank to stop money laundering and carry out a harsh review of gold flow in Hong Kong and Macao.

Before going to the Legislative Yuan report, three Finance Departments will report in writing. Yang Jinlong, president of the central bank, stressed in his report that China's financial account had been opened, and pure foreign currency that is not about converting the new Taiwan link is completely free. As part of the influx and outflow of new Taiwan currency exchanges, foreign exchange receipts and trade and goods trade payments are completely free; there is direct investment with the consent of the competent authority of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and access and leaving money is absolutely free; after foreign investment in domestic securities is registered on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, its funds are free to enter and exit, and Chinese people can invest in foreign securities through financial institutions such as banking, securities, insurance and banking investment.

Yang Jinlong said that the banking industry handled payments in accordance with the "Money Laundering Prevention Act", the "Terrorism Prevention and Control Act" and "Financial Institutions to Prevent Money Laundering Measures" and other relevant regulations , and then according to the "foreign exchange income and expenditure or transaction determined by the central bank. If the client accepts receipts and payments of foreign shares or transactions of $ 500,000 or more, and the foreign exchange receipts method and reporting method or transactions determined by the central bank, the content of the relevant statement is reported. The central banking system's foreign exchange data transfer system is transferred by the banking industry as balance balance statistics.

The banking industry receives a statement of major land charges, and the "foreign exchange receipts method and payments or method of transaction" can be used. Payment, etc., is not free of payments or payments allowed by law. Yang Jinlong said that since cross border financial business transactions were part of the "Regulations on the People's Regulations between Taiwan and the Great Land", according to cross-border regulations and related regulations, if they are subject to approval of the competent authority, such as the direct investment of the head of the Ministry of Economic Affairs or the head of the financial management committee. Guarantee investment payments can be processed after inspection with the Ministry of Economic Affairs or the CIRC license documents and confirmed by the banking industry.

Yang Jinlong also stressed that the relevant reporting regulations have not been amended since the amendment on March 27, 2017, and there have been no new or amended regulations on the declaration of major land payments. Therefore, a cash payment can be made after the foreign exchange settlement settlement by the central bank. The central bank has no control authority and measures. Individual banks can also strengthen the review of case payments in accordance with their own risk management measures.

The FSC also noted that in assessing the risk of money laundering or the risk of terrorism in different regions, financial institutions will also consider the information released by international organizations in addition to the national risk assessment report. For those with more risk or more polluted areas, they will take appropriate measures based on the risk-based principle rather than targeting the mainland.

In addition, in practice, as long as the client works together to provide explanations and reasonable information, it will not affect money transfer. At present, when the bank implements appropriate AML / CFT control measures for abnormal transactions or customers and higher risk businesses, if due diligence and customer have completed or clarified Reasonable to the cash flow, the relevant services or transactions will not be carried out. Having an impact.

In his written report, Finance Minister Su Jianrong said that the public stock banks worked together with the prevention of money laundering and anti-terrorism to handle cross border transfer operations, and confirmed the information of the newsletters and paintings in accordance with the regulations relevant, reviewing customer transfer transactions, and understanding the purpose of the payments. And the nature, for high risk customers or suspected money laundering features, will take into account the customer's background and daily trading patterns and other factors, promptly asking the client to explain the source of money and wealth, if there is doubt of doubt from money laundering or trafficking on terrorism, you must declare suspicious Proceedings.

Su Jianrong said that public stock banks associated with the Ministry of Finance should handle cross border transfer operations in accordance with provisions on money laundering and anti-falsifying laws and regulations, and there is no harsh review of payments and conclusions from Taiwan companies to mainland, and detailed transactions are required to be completed. Voucher, otherwise it excludes terms of reference and import. In addition, the Ministry of Finance is an equity management agency, and in principle it is about the disposal of banks in accordance with laws and regulations, and will continue to encourage relevant public banks to deal with international payments and operations Other related in accordance with the Financial Control Commission regulations on money laundering and counter terrorism.

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