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Pixel Night Vision Mode: Helps you take great pictures in a lightweight environment | TechNews


People are now familiar with using mobile phones to capture the great moments in their lives, so it's very important to have a mobile phone that allows you to take great photos at any time, regardless of & # 39 ; the environment. Pixel 3 uses computer photography and machine learning technology to provide camera functions such as HDR +, portrait mode and high resolution inflation to help users capture impressive, fun and even professional pictures. Just press the shutter button to shoot the perfect product.

The exciting times in life do not always happen in a well-lit, so Google developed the night vision mode for Pixel cameras, a new feature that can help you to shoot colors in low light environments without using flash or triple. Bright, detailed images. In the next few days, the Pixel phone will support the means of an evening vision for the front and rear lenses of the three generations.

▲ Left is the Smart HDR iPhone XS method; right is the night of the Pixel 3.

Why night photography is a great test

The key to making a great picture is whether the light is adequate. When taking pictures in a zero environment, the camera will increase exposure time and increase the sensitivity to make the light, but this will often create disorders and noise for the finished product.

Use the flash to improve the light in the scene, but it can also cause the subject to close their eyes due to the fear of light or to make others tired. Not to mention that the flash not only results in unsatisfactory finish products, but it is also banned in many locations where photos are allowed. In addition, the flash can only illuminate adjoining subjects, and can not be used when shooting landscapes or remote objects.

Tripod keeps the camera constantly for more lightweight, but it's too bulky and it's not always useful to use everyday. In addition, the tripod can also allow the camera to collect light for a long time, but this will cause the finished product to have an effect on the motion when shooting moving objects.

How can night vision work

The Night Vision mode will continue to adapt to your shooting style and environment, so do you take a Pixel picture or set Pixel on a smooth surface, the way it can Night vision helps you shoot in a low light source environment. Lovely picture. The night vision mode measures the amount of jitter and the amount of dynamic images you have in the scene before you press the shutter button. In the state where the Pixel is stable and the shooting scene is still, the night vision method increases the expiration time to catch more lightweight and reduce & # 39 ; r noise; if the Pixel is moving, or there is a prominent dynamic picture in the shooting scene, Night Vision can take less light and reduce the blurry of the motion.

▲ A Night Vision can take more light as long as the Pixel is over and there are not too many motion pictures in the shooting scene. (The photograph was taken in order of the Pixel 3 night vision).

If the subject moves during shooting, the night vision mode will be modified to avoid taking too many motion pictures and the result of shooting and finished product is not good. Night Vision can collect and combine multiple details with lightning but in detail to avoid unfortunately the finished product, making the picture brighter and clearer.

▲ The Night Vision can work best when the size of the jitter is moderate and there are not too many dynamic images in the shooting scene. It combines multiple photos that have illuminated but in detail into one bright, clear picture.

The night vision approach has been designed to help consumers take pictures closest to real life, and can be adapted according to the lighting conditions that you could encounter during the night. By learning machines, the night vision method transforms the color of the pictures, making sure that the subject can appear naturally in the original color during the night.

▲ A Night Vision can use a fog network to balance the color of the pictures.

When and how to use a night vision method

If you're taking a picture in a light environment, Pixel will suggest you use a night vision mode. Tick ​​the suggestion or choose this method to enter the night vision method. Once you click on the shutter button, try to wait until the night vision mode completes the shooting of pictures.

▲ Pixel 3XL night vision mode.

The night vision mode adapts to your environment, making it easy to capture momentum. The following tips can help you take great pictures in light environments:

  • If you're shooting someone, ask the topic to remain unusual for a few seconds before and after you press the shutter.
  • Keep the camera constantly. If you can, try to keep it on a fixed plane.
  • Make sure the Pixel camera lens is clean. Fingerprints can remain on the lens, making the finished product blurred.
  • When taking pictures in a very dark environment, try to touch the edges that have lit well to help the camera's focus.
  • Do not align the camera with bright light sources, which can cause the image to appear reflective.
  • Night vision can not suit completely dark environments, so you need a little light to get the best shot.

The night vision mode will be launched over the next few days. Update the Google Camera app to the latest version and add the #teampixel and theme #nightsight tags to the shared images. You can also click here to go to Google Photos. Browse the shared photo album with night vision mode.

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