Tuesday , January 25 2022

Official details on how to kill Xi Enbin in "Assassin Mission 2" – Hitman 2 – Gamereactor


"Hitman 2" has been released, and as the last time, developers have also held special events. The next game will take place in Miami between November 20 and 4 December and will ask you to murder one of the most representative dead: Sean Bin!

Seanbin performed the bad guy Mark Faba in the game and interpreted live. A former MI5 spy, has escaped the arrest of the ICA agent through a fake death, and you have only one chance to shoot, so it's harder to catch!

Players know that "Assassin Mission" can be cut once! In order to prepare you enough, IO Interactive Studio will definitely publish the movie, which provides many shoot-in opportunities.

You can use camouflage to hide your place, record the laboratory to enjoy the experimental body, and force the experimental body to shoot, or solve it directly with a sniper rifle, or take the opportunity to come find the chance to kill.

Whether you are successful or not, this event will give you a very self-explosive head. It seems fun to watch the target being blown into pieces, and not just a head that does not attract too much attention.

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