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Not shouting in the Chuanpu? Shaguo plots to cut oil prices to amazing numbers – Finance – China Times News


The US President Trump dashed the oil price too high, but the Institute of Petroleum Export Countries (OPEC) did not swear on its mouth, according to sources, Saudi Arabia, which appears to be 39 OPEC, has decided to plot. Remove up to $ 70 per barrel.

"Reuters" said that people who are familiar with the issue say, in order to meet the financial needs, that the country hopes to spread the price of oil to 70 US dollars t every year, and not even a shale oil threat from the old United States. Shaguo is currently keen to transform the domestic economic situation, so she needs a lot of money, but the officer has never expressed her position on the oil price target, just the market mechanism.

Nevertheless, Jihad Azour, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), estimates that oil prices will reach a balance of $ 80 to $ 85 per barrel to balance revenue and financial expenditure Saudi Arabia. Sprint oil prices exceed $ 70 per barrel.

Shahweh Energy Minister, Khalid al-Falih, said that the OPEC production reduction scheme will not end until June, and Saudi Arabia also suggested extending production cuts until the end of 2019.

OPEC is planning to cut crude oil production capacity to stimulate oil prices, but Trump can't criticize it Last month, the tweet was criticized again. "The price of oil is too high! It's easy to call OPEC, the world is too fragile and it's hard to bear the price." Before Trump oral intervention, oil prices have increased by over 20% this year, but experts believe that when Trump opens, oil prices will still be scared, which is beyond doubt.

From 11:30 pm on the 26th, Taipei, the future of New York crude oil rose 1.9%, temporarily reported $ 59.94 per barrel; Raw Brent futures rose 0.65% to $ 67.86 per barrel.

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