Thursday , May 19 2022

NBA "Jeremy Lin 11 points and 3 repeats Tyrannosaurus defeats Heat into playoffs – China Times News


Today, even though the star of the game, Leonard, is released from the war, but scored the team in double figures. The Chinese player, Lin Shuhao, scored 11 points, 3 rebellion, 2 interruptions, 2 block assaults, and the team helped scoring 125. The Heat 104, after deer, broke into a second league team to get the playoffs.

The streak of the two-game tyrannosaurus, the current record of 48 prizes and 19 defeats, behind the first league record has won 2.5 awards, second at the Eastern Conference, leading to 17 games by Magic, because of the magic case Only 15 games left in the game, so Tyrannosaurus broke into the playoffs before the schedule.

The tyrannosaurus won the first two prizes in the previous season, which won the game 14 points in the first half. Unfortunately, Lin Shuhao had a poor hand. After the easy basket, Jeremy Lin discovered the scary feeling, and finally, played 23 minutes and 10 seconds, 3 of 7 shot, 3 three three suggested, made a contribution to the team across the playoffs threshold.

Lori 24 points, 10 assistants, 7 recovered, Sikam 20 points, 5 resumes, 5 assistants, Danny Green 15 points, 6 rebellion, 4 auxiliary, Ibaka 10 points, 8 conflicts.

Finally, Mike Kao, who was very dissatisfied with the Warriors before the season, had a free body with the Cavaliers assault. After moving to Toronto, he was the first to have an initial chance, 10 points, 3 repetitions, 2 help, and Norman Bauer 15 points. There are 11 points in Anuno.

Tyrannosaurus 56.8% of the field goal goal percentage, with 21 points to break the four-game grass win streak.

(China Times Newsletter)

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