Sunday , March 7 2021

NBA "even Kerui high! Hit" Double K "78 points and reverse team – Zhongshi News

For the warriors with higher scoring ability, definitely not a problem to reverse 18 points behind! Both players, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green, are still on the wall. They are 18 points behind the largest. But at the Durant "KD", he scored 49 points in one game. He placed 19 points on the 4th quarter of 5th Clay Thompson, Brothers Wave, 19 points, the last Warriors 116: 110 magic.

Durant's last match against the Kings 44 points, 49 points today for the Magic is more than 40 points in one game, after the game he said that the team's crime was a little frustrating, but he tried to help team win through scoring, The whole team also works hard on the defensive, to reverse the victory.

In addition to scoring, Durant paid 9 assistants, 6 rebellions, 2 interventions and 2 resistant assaults. One of them attacked the soul pot, which made easy spell to the opponent who scored a consistent score. He also praised the audience. With a score of 29 points, the brilliant performance of Clay Thompson in the final is considered to be a team to complete the reversal. Kerri and Green, who sit in the players watch, approve the performances of the team from time to time and even stand up. Interesting.

In addition to Durant and Thompson, the Warriors team scored in single digits, scoring the Magic Magic 4 in double digits, starting with the Nikola Vucevic center 30 points and 12 rebellions. Guard Terrence Ross scored 28 points.

(China Times Newsletter)

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