Tuesday , January 19 2021

Lu media correspondents refused to enter Taiwan. MAC: Do not allow fake news – TVBS News

Lu media correspondents rejected Taiwan. MAC: Do not allow fake news

Ye Qinglin, a correspondent from Southeastern China Satellite Television, recently refused to apply for a Taiwan station. A spokesman for the Office of Taiwan Affairs of the State Council, Ma Xiaoguang, went to criticize this. Our behavior "causes a bad cause." However, the MAC noted that we respect and guarantee the freedom of the press and maintain open habits in cross-border exchanges, but we should not allow land media reporters to spread incorrect statements by making false news. It is understood that Ye Qinglin had been interviewed in Taiwan for almost 10 years. Originally, he was scheduled to go to Hualien at the end of June to interview the reconstruction of the post-disaster, but was rejected by Taiwan. He could not help but sigh "There is a little sympathy for Taiwan authorities, now even one. Major land correspondents have scared you into this!" And they are supposed to be rejected because they reveal the reluctance of the search and rescue team at Japan to go to the building collapse during the earthquake disaster in Hualien. In this respect, the MAC said on the 27th that the government has always respected the freedom of the press, and has always held an open approach to news transvers and news exchange interviews. It is hoped that there will be a detailed understanding of Taiwan's association in the interviews and reports of mainland media in Taiwan. Provide objective and equal reporting information to improve mutual understanding between the people, but never allow journalists of Lu Media to spread incorrect statements in a way that creates false news. The MAC, in response to the Taiwan leaflet's request, stressed that the government will follow the relevant provisions of the "Licensing for People in the Great Land to Attend to Taiwan" and "Precautions for Personnel Interviews Joining Taiwan in China Landscape ". A joint joint meeting was held to make a decision. In addition, in order to maintain a cross-gas exchange regime and to promote transbound interchanges, the MAC will continue to be responsible for the relevant duties with relevant authorities. The biggest HOT topic is here! Want to keep up with current events, hurry to join LINE News LINE friends! More TVBS Reports No consensus on 1992? The Democratic Progressive Party endorsed "to play with fire and self-excitement and to pull people to burial." Was it green? These media …

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