Sunday , March 7 2021

Lin Yizhen Point: Is there any vote in the mainland for everything? – Wind Media

Lin Yizhen Point: Is there any vote in the mainland for everything? Wind media

Rebuilding the sense of responsibility has been a cause of concern for Taiwan people for a long time. Only Cai's government is still ignorant, still familiar with pushing opponents, blameing the mainland for everything, taking responsibility and cheating the people. The government of Cai, which has no political responsibility, is not like a party that controls with shoulders and responsibility. Obviously, there is poor policy maladministration and action, but it has made people look at the disappointment of the responsible minister. The Japanese reeds, the evacuation of Kansai Airport, and the inability to see the owner, will only blame the fake news of the mainland, leading to hard-working diplomats to pay their lives ; from the beginning of the county and electoral election campaign, the Cai government has been constantly questioning, China's mainland took part in this election, recently warned by Chen Mintong, chairman of the Land-Country Affairs Council , the Chinese mainland that Taiwan's democratic system is unreliable and should not intervene in Taiwan elections and intervene in Taiwan's inner affairs. In order to promote the disadvantages of the awarding party's candidates, it is possible to collect the opposing forces of repeated media input without any evidence, and to activate the voice of the network behind them, and to deliberately hide the power of red forces to intervene in the elections in Taiwan, rather than to face The fact that the administration is weak, the interconnected relations are not good, and the economy is in trouble. All sorts of things, as shown again, arrogance of the ruling bureaucrats, love the power of stack, play with power. It will only call the words of Taiwan's democratic values, but it will not assume the political responsibility it deserves. Black political calculations, push, repeat repetition, do everything to push the bug. The Chairman of the Land Affairs Council, Chen Mingtong, "warned" China not to intervene in the Taiwan election. (Photo by Yan Linyu) There is no doubt that cross-border links have already dropped into a freezing point. This is well-known by the people of the city, that is, there is no political dialogue, no political trust, and easily lead to a bias and harm the well-being of Taiwan's people. Unfortunately, in order to ensure the majority of votes, we can ignore the happiness and safety of the people of Taiwan, turn repeatedly stimulate the other side, deliberately to stimulate feelings of enemies and enemies; The anti-China, not completely on the other side of Taiwan River, Taiwan's security and the welfare of the people. Serious injury, …

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