Saturday , November 28 2020

Li Wanyu watched the live broadcast of buying fluffy crabs and cheated online by turning 55,000 with his credit card and calling it Ghost-Apple Daily

  1. Li Wanyu was tricked into buying fluffy crabs by watching a live broadcastTaiwan Apple Daily
  2. A shout live seafood broadcast “along with 1” Li Wanyu was stolen and brushed 55,000 yuanTVBS NEWS
  3. Li Wanyu watched the live broadcast to buy “stolen and brushed 55,000” hairy crabs! I yelled I didn’t eat it and I came across a ghostETtoday News Cloud
  4. Li Wanyu bought fluffy crabs live on Facebook, but it was stolen for 55,000 yuan-Minshi NewsFormosa Television News Network
  5. Live coverage of hairy crabs was stolen and brushed off an angry 550 Wongu Li: Ghost Encountered @ 东森新闻 CH51Dongsen CH51 News
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