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JAL is too stuck to the new asteroid

2019-02-23 00:06o

International Economic Day / Comprehensive Overseas Power Center

The Japanese search "The Ostrich II" successfully launched the "Palace Palace" asteroid on the 22nd. Japan's aerospace research and development project (JAXA) Tsuda Tatsuhisa said at a press conference: "Today, human hands are touching a new one." Asteroid. "

Japan is launching the Ostrich 2 Detector on Palace Palace asteroid, which is 300 million kilometers away from Earth. He hopes to collect samples of this asteroid and discover clues about the solar system and the origin of life. This time, Hayabusa 2 successfully rolled Ryugu's asteroid, the first challenge since the first "ostrich" of Japan in 2005, the world's first attempt to cure asteroids.

In order to pick up the rock smoothly, the bullets outside Dalai Dragons had collected the first bullet on the surface, and collected the grit to pick up. However, if the No. 2 ostrich successfully collected the rock, the recovery capsule was required to wait to return to the Earth. It will be disclosed.

In December 2014, a successful No. 2 ostrich was launched from the Seed Island Space Center in Kagoshima Prefecture, which reached the edge of the Dragon Palace in June 2018. The total plan to return to the Earth will cost around 28.9 billion yen (about NT $ 8.04 billion).

Ostrich No. 2 succeeds in overcoming the difficulty and landing in a circular area with a radius of just 3 meters from a distance of 20 kilometers, equivalent to landing on the pitcher hill at Koshien Stadium. This precision that landed, as well as showing the world to Japan Technical ability also highlights the strength of Japan when examining asteroids.

NHK said that Tsuda had said that the No. 2 ostrich should have finished landing at the Dragon Palace in October last year. Although the delays have spread worried everyone, they have used these four months to prepare for the results. The No. 2 ostrich completely completed the state most perfect according to the expectations.

Ostrich No. 2 has returned to Palace Palace for 20 kilometers and is ready to return to the future.

The JAXA team believes that the asteroids rock retain the remains of the solar system when it was born 4.6 billion years ago. It can be said to be a "space capsule." Next, Ostrich II will seek land again before the summer and return to Earth by the end of 2020.

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