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iPhone XR Japan is actually cutting prices! New Telecom company program as far as 30% off | World Communications | Digital


2018-11-26 21:57o

Daily Economic, correspondent Yi Qiyu, report immediately

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Wall StreetRecently, the newspaper said that Apple will reduce the price of the iPhone XR and will reduce the price in Japan. The Japanese telecommunications company, Docomo, confirmed today's news today (26). The original Japanese XR iPhone is 84,800 yen, under the new Docomo program, as long as 25,920 yen (about NT $ 7,000), which equates to 30% off the original price.

According to Nikkei News, Docomo announced that the iPhone XR will be available for its purchase support program today. The original discounts will add 39,528 yen for the iPhone XR. Under the new program, it will be 30% to 25,920 yen. This program is often used to sell old-time models at a lower price. It's unusual to use the iPhone XR for just one month.

A large Japanese vendor said the iPhone XR had been sold for about a month, and the sales volume of the three major telecommunications operators in Japan is about 30% less than the last X iPhone. It is understood that many people respond to the high price of the iPhone XR, but the function is limited.

Two major KDDI and telecommunications companiesSoftware bankRegardless of whether to continue on the XR iPhone, there will be no comments on it.

At the same time, the meeting of scholars from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan introduced an urgent motion today, requiring large telecommunications companies to abolish excessive discounts on mobile phones.

As the iPhone has planned free purchasing plans for Japanese telecommunications chief executives, it has secured a large market share in Japan, but scholars of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications believe that this excessive decrease distorts & # 39; the competition in the Japanese mobile phone market and requires telecommunications operators The call charges in the offer have been completely separated from the phone number. cost of buying.

Many experts believe that the high price iPhone has to sell slower in Japan once this has been done.

Japanese telecommunication operator Docomo launches new purchase support solution for iPhone XR, original price 84,8 ...
The Japanese telecommunications company, Docomo, launched a new purchase support program for iPhone XR. Original price 84,800 XR yen is 25,920 yen only (about NT $ 7,000). Reuters

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