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Important Financial News in Taiwan's Big Newspapers February 23, 2019钜 亨 网 – Taiwan Stock News


The two main leaders of the KTV domestic chain, Hao Ledi and Qian cabinet, announced the merger once again. Hao Ledi announced yesterday that he was planning to apply to the Fair and merge with the cash cabinet. It will buy all the shares of the cashbox in a financial account of 67.7 yuan for the share of a total of 6.734 billion yuan. After passing successfully, Hao Ledi has definitely arranged to go out on October 1st, and the cash cabinet will be re-applied for listing.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs Investment Office held a joint review of the "Taiwan Pacific Investment Results Action Plan" on the 22nd (Thur 22), and applied for investment applications from CommScope Materials Technology, So Bo Industrial and Housing Yao Technology. It is expected that 6.7 billion yuan will bring 200 jobs.

The price of supply and demand of economics has to be confirmed in the smartphone market. Apple and Samsung Electronics continue to push the sale price. As a result, sales and market share continue to fall. Apple's sales in the fourth quarter of last year decreased by 11.82%, 2016 The biggest decline in the first quarter, Samsung's sales in the same period has also dropped by more than 4%, Gartner's research company (Gartner) is unfortunately, The two leading leading brand companies are too expensive.

Economic every day

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Business Times

Apple sales are not good.
The long term insurance coverage rate of public officials is less than 0.5%
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Runtai Quanguan Guan Yangmei Factory Extends Textiles Production
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Apple Daily

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China Times

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Free time

Looking secret to you! Alibaba Cloud leaks the original code. More than 40 companies suffer.
TSMC wafers said there was a loss of 6.1 billion for a virus event of 2.35 times
Taiwan business businesses return to Taiwan to invest more than 30 billion yuan.

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