Thursday , August 18 2022

HTC launches Vive Focus Plus and competes with Oculus Quest


As soon as October, HTC provided a dual 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) approach to a development package for its Vive Focus to identify independent VR, hoping to bring VR experience more than 3D individual interference. Just earlier today, HTC launched the Vive Focus Plus focus officially with 6DoF dual leaflets, and promised to bring a VR continuous user-like experience on PC, and also meant that you do not need to re -and regularly. Your hand is coming.

HTC said that this time is the procedure to achieve the 6DoF function by ultrasonic technology, but there is no explanation for the scope of smooth operation. However, according to Wang Congqing, the president of China VR, through the initial development package, did not use this opponent to play "Beat Saber" as a whole problem. In addition, this trigger has added the triggering function to the trigger. It is believed that the experience will be more realistic as well as providing a richer management.

A new, more comfortable design is replaced by the Vive Plus Focus helmet, although it is not very different from the current look. At the same time, this optical system has also improved to some extent, and a new generation of lenses will improve the "Jesus Light" situation from time to time. In addition, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, a stereo outside track camera, 2,880 x 1,600 AM OLED display is the same as in the past.

The current price of Vive Focus Plus is not yet public (a previous generation was sold for NT $ 18,900), but HTC has stated that it will be available in 25 markets worldwide in the second quarter of this year (supporting 19o

Language) have launched an official. It can be seen that this is very different from the original Vive Focus strategy in China. HTC added that the device will be available in most markets with an enterprise license, which means that commercial users will not have to pay more to commercially use, and can use it as Kiosk mode, Gaze support. Professional features such as (non-generic mode) and device control tools. In fact, HTC said that SimforHealth and Immersive Factory have begun to use Vive Focus Plus as a device for medical simulation training and security.

Of course, Oculus Quest, which will only cost $ 399 this spring, will be officially first. If HTC wants to improve its competitiveness in the consumer market, it only needs to be done on the hardware. The good news is that the Vive Wave platform used by the Vive Focus series is very friendly to portable games on computers, and Vive Focus Plus has now used the practical help of most computer games. It will also spray a lot of kinetic energy into HTC.

In addition, in order to promote the download business, the Viveport Infinity HTC subscription service will also be launched officially on 2nd April. Users will be able to download and use more than 500 games in the Viveport Infinity collection for an unlimited amount of subscription fees. As well as supporting HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, Viveport Infinity is also available for all types of devices that support the Wave platform. One of the service also applies to Vive Cosmos, which requires a personal computer or smartphone, subject to further confirmation.

We will be the first to experience the real impact of the VR 6DoF device at the 4th Vive Eco-Conference held in Shenzhen on March 26th. In addition, we will bring a direct sales price news. Stay tuned.

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