Friday , August 19 2022

High end iPhone on the bar! Goldman Sachs: Samsung Mobile Mobile Is Apple Big Problem |钜 亨 网 – US Stocks


Goldman Sachs warned that Samsung's new bending phone will be a major threat to the Apple luxury device market (AAPL-US).

Analyst Goldman Sachs, Rod Hall, said Wednesday that "Galaxy Fold" has "an appearance that Samsung's folded OLED technology can deliver." "If this type of appearance stimulates consumer interest, we can expect Samsung to defer Apple's contact." At the time of this technology, this will be a possible problem for Apple this year, but at present there is no tool to judge, we can only keep a reserved attitude. "

The latest device is Samsung is the expected folding window. Samsung said that users can master the phone easily, just like a traditional mobile phone, but it can expand to be a tablet to watch a video, but it's 2,000 dollars. The price is very expensive.

After the Goldman Sachs report was released, Apple closed 0.1% on Thursday.

Neuadd noted that "retrospectively of the traditional mobile phone period, this is similar to the Motorola RAZR, which was so popular in the past. Now we're thinking that the screen bends. We believe that this is a challenge for Apple. Apple does not currently have this key elastic OLED. Technology Pipeline, we believe that Samsung is underway to monitor others for at least 2 years. "

(Motorola RAZR is a featurephone with a screen and keyboard that can be folded up and down separately)

In the last 12 months, Apple's share price has not changed much. Although it has increased by 9% to date this year, behind the general market.

First, Samsung announced the prototype of the Fold Galaxy in November, and at the time it was promised to bring the phone to the market soon. Galaxy Fold is available in Google Android and automatically modifies both tablet and phone methods.

Samsung's share price has risen by more than 20% this year and has offset the 20% reduction significantly in 2018.

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