Tuesday , August 9 2022

Head warfare 3 "Forbidden Foroundidden 3" has established a lot of the corresponding department | XFastest News is officially


Recently, Gearbox designer Josh Jeffcoat said in an interview with GameIndustry that "Boundary Forbidden 3" had many head battles, much more than the previous "Boundary Forbidden" series, and they have set up a special section for head battles. .

Josh Jeffcoat said in an interview: "We have to create something new for the players. We design completely different ecosystems and enemies from each planet, and the number of headteachers in the new work is much more than any previous work. ”

The designer said: "The number of bosses is a big number for absurd. We've created a brand new section for this purpose, my friend Matt Cox is the person with His job will be to take responsibility for each one.

According to the designer's description, the new boss battle should be rich and very interesting In the face of the fans' expectations, what kind of work will be delivered officially by the official, let's not wait to see.


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