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God sold him? There are 217 homes taking a holiday home and a standard, home of 190,000 nobody wants – Zhongshi News


The "Xikeya Resort" on the north coast could not turn around due to the construction of the business. In 2008, 217 homes were auctioned on the market, but until now in 10 years, the auction ended. The 17th auction was held today (28). There is still no proposal, and now the lowest lowest domestic price is about 189,000, called by the netizens as "the house sold by God."

"Xikeya Resort" has been selling since 1997. At that time, the name was "Sea Gaia", which included incredible seascape and dozens of leisure facilities. One ping price was 22 to 240,000, while in Taipei City, Datong and Datong. The price of new cases in other regions is only between 250,000 and 350,000 yuan per ping. After setting up the business, the "Sea Gaia" "Xikeya Resort" was renamed, and Harlem Yu Chengqing's musical talent was invited to shoot an image ad, hoping to bring the gas to the market, but because of the wrong pricing strategy, along with transport inconvenience, lack The function of life, which leads to the construction of the case slowly, building capital is not working, so & # 39 ; n I have to take the law to the law.

"Daily Economic" said that "Xikeya Resort" took the 17th legal film today, the total reserve price of 850 million to 240 million was adapted for the first auction, and more than 600 million slashed, showing the large auction of Jump off the building, but End with the flow label.

According to the lawyers, the lowest price of "Resort Xikaiya" is only 189,000, and the highest total price is only 920,000. The unit price per ping is only about 20,000, and the price is very low. Because the law has taken advantage of the landscape, the former publicity schemes to buy into a village or healthcare center in the entire batch, but may consider the remote location and renovation cost . In the end, no-one has shot.

(China Times Newsletter)

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