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Every two adults should play "Devil Hunter 5", and there are hidden boundaries (no tonne) | 4Gamers


Slashing adventure launched the Capcom signature "Devil May Cry 5" on March 8. This topic was launched in a new way and immediately received high scores of overseas media. . Here is a collection of examples of many first partners (except for the 2nd generation), interaction between each other means that the game is more up-to-date.

Of course, if you are already in front of the pool of this game, then you need someone to make your mind make a decision. "Devil Hunter 5", as long as being a player who likes action adventures, is a good game that should not be lost.

Of course, there are some reasons at the end, I hope you can use them to convince you, as well, there are some tips, I hope you can help at the beginning game.

First, do not worry about not playing in the front

If you like the action kill game, but you're welcome to start because you have not played the series in the past, do not worry, because Capcom will help you to think about it. At the start of the "NEW GAME" screen, there is a "DMC HISTORY" option. From that fan, there is an illustrated way to tell the legend of the Dante demon hunt.

Make sure the movie does not have any pruning.

This arrangement may be quite happy for friends who have never played in the front, because the 5th generation has a new set of changes in the timeline for the previous game, so that the time is 3 generations first, then again 1, 2, 4, 5 generations. In other words, newholders do not have to be as confusing with the old players in the past when the timeline is modified.

Second, the battle is extremely cool, the three characters are stylish

That's fine, the 5th generation of the best value at the price is that players can enjoy the different styles of Nero, Dante and the new character V. There are 20 episodes in the game. As the story goes on, the player will change to the character to play, but there are also specific chapters that allow the player to select which character to # 39 ; w play.

When changing to different roles, the system will be very friendly to the new teaching, including how to gain skills, how to lock the perspectives, and even the finishing skills. If you want a space exercise, you can also enter the driving range to operate in the usual way or shopping.

It is worth noting that the first V new of this series is very comfortable to use, defining completely the "new wizard" of the new era.

Of course, the game played by the masters is not the same as the dead. Look at the higher and higher Dante, and know that people have practiced.

Third, look down before jumping, look at the road

The most important item in the "Devil Hunter" series is Red Soulstone, which is also a consumable ticket. It can be found in any location of all levels with red or crystal soul stones (cut). And often in places where you can not go anywhere, you will have some good things.

At the same time, each level often hides pieces or caves. These locations often contain a large number of red soul stones, and even blue-colored stone, purple soulstone or golden soulstone. In other words, players can pay particular attention to some corners when exploring, or look at the ceiling and walls for any unusual place.

Of course, some levels have to have a way, do not be afraid, go over. There is no meaningless way in this game.

Fourth, the secret mission is very challenging, do not be eager for a moment

One of the signs in the Demon Hunter series is the secret challenge mission. In this work, a particular situation can trigger the rune on the wall, and the player will be challenged by importing the secret mission. Once the challenge is successful, you will receive scarce rewards such as Blue Soulstone and Purple Soulstone.

The secret mission challenge content is quite varied, but basically it requires players to use performance character skills. For example, the aerial air challenge that does not long-term dump, or the limited time to beat the monster, and get the A level evaluation and so on. Some are too tough, players do not have to fight to challenge, because replacing the level in the future can still challenge again.

5. Dante has many weapons, so do not bother practice.

The most popular thing about Dante is that he used to implement many weapons in the past, and this is not an exception. In the 5th generation, Dante will get new weapons in the plot with the monster's defeat, but because every weapon tool requires Red Soulstone to learn, in the situation that the stones of the red soul are not adequate In a week, the player does not need to be too stubborn. Arms are exercised.

It is recommended that players per week enjoy the plot easily, and the purpose of the game will be the main purpose of the game. In the second week, the characters will inherit the previously acquired skills. Re-win the red soul stone and enjoy your favorite weapon.

6. "Automatic fighting" is disgraceful, but easy to use.

Similar to Dark Soul, the Demon Hunter series is also famous for its extremely challenging action adventures, but it's much faster than rhythm. Even if you've played many similar games in the past, the 5th generation battle is also millennium. Tradition, new feelings.

However, if you are still unfamiliar with the battle, or if you feel you can not reach the A level evaluation, you can try "Auto Mode", as long as & When you start, you can use one button to make a beautiful continuous technique.

By the way, the bright red printer in the movie does not seem soft, because it will drop a lot of red soul. If you can break the number in a short time, there will be hidden prizes.

However, this also reminds that automatic fighting is not a banacea. Most BOSS battles need to be found. If you're using Auto to attack, you will lie on the floor.

Seven, do not worry about Mission Start

The "Devil Hunter" series has been highly praised by beautiful men and women. This book has the participation of male and female composers. In some sights and plots, the player's interests are indispensable. After all, this has included in the R18 game, not because of the violent bloody picture.

Yes, before starting the mission, the cutscenes will appear in the Devil May Cry car. These pictures will vary with the story, so take a minute to look at the fight and relax.

Eight, the welfare of men

Due to the story, this paragraph is not much to say. For more pictures, try to unlock yourself in the game, and then you can review the gallery and the art gallery. ?

Shun said the European PS4 and US version had "light", the men know which version to buy.

Nine, hell! Obtain an hidden revelation

Yes, all of the 20 trips from the Hunter Demon 5 will be exactly the correct correction for this game. However, other foreign makers do not just play hidden ends, but Capcom also understands.

Because it contains the plot, it is not convenient to say how the hidden ending is triggered. However, I believe that this hidden finish is not great, but it can satisfy the pleasure of the battle of control and masters of achievement.

It is recommended to challenge the second week to hide the end. If you do not want to challenge, you can watch the following videos.

Summary: You will not be scared.

The above is the persuasion experience of the editor. In the absence of the story, I hope that the new players will be able to open their hearts and receive the new work of the second full force, and get to know the demon hunter built by Toyo Game Company. Charm.

If you really want to say that, you can buy it and play it right. There is no second sentence. You will not regret it.

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