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Chen Zixuan's swimming pool kisses the movie. Husband: Let's take your pig's mouth – Zhongshi News


Local actress Chen Zixuan, married to actor Chen Jianlong 3 years ago, two sons of life, a family of three happy lives to praise the world outside, but earlier there was a movie out, I saw her and A man relaxed in the pool, Unfortunately the other side was not catching his head and kissing. This scene made her husband, Chen Jianlong, pretty smart, and immediately sent a message.

Chen Zixuan shared his NG clip "Jin Jia Hao" on Facebook earlier. She saw her and the actor Pan Yi had migration in the pool. First, he shouted "I'm unable to swim", and immediately he thought that Pan Yi wanted a hero. In order to save the United States, he did not expect he would like "keep everyone kissing," and then Chen Zixuan's head and kissed, but it was too scented to be called by the director, say "not so crazy," and Chen Zixuan also said that the lips should be broken, and immediately let the staff laugh.

Chen Zixuan was uploaded to a poster behind the "Jin Jia Hao wife" scene to cause discussion. (Photo / Chen Zixuan Facebook)
Chen Zixuan filtered the kiss and the film was open, and her husband, Chen Jianlong, responded with responsibility. (Photo / Chen Zixuan Facebook)

This netter also said: "Yi An Ge is too scared! I'm scared of death." "Do you know if Jianlong is jealous?" I did not expect to catch up and respond to a husband, Chen Jianlong. Open your pig's mouth, and immediately caused hot discussion among netizens.

(China Times Newsletter)

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