Thursday , May 26 2022

Bianyu supports the "one country" keeper to support the candidate as a strong support from the Cai Government – ETtoday News Cloud

Bianyu supports the "one country" candidate as a candidate complaining to be a strong support from the ETToday News Cloud Cai Government

▲ Former President Chen Shui-pian. (Photo / Reporter Zhang Yizhong) Political Center / Inclusive Reporting Former President Chen Shui-bian on the 30th in the "New Brave Story Chen Shui-pian" Facebook, has posted a list of candidates for the "one country on one line" Taichung City constituency, calling for everyone at the end of the year In the election campaign, central votes gave support, a national political sovereignty protected by democratic votes, preparing the way for normalizing the Taiwan state, and was made to be strong support for the government of Cai. Chen Shui-bian said that "one country connects to one country" and advocates "Taiwan's mainland, one country and one country" and "a flat case is a political event and it should be rehabilitated"; "one country has not contacted" is not a political party, nor a squad, and it will not be another. The political group, but the combination of ideas and co-ordination of the justice forces, conveys the decision and courage of Taiwan's people to become the country masters and refuses to be ruled by the Communist Party of the mainland. Chen Shui-bian noted that the mainland literary sectors have been alarmed in recent years, and the Shang King slogan has intensified. However, Taiwan's people are not scared, people's power is endless, and the voice of "one country at a time" is even bigger So, in the election campaign at the end of the year, support the candidates for parliamentary elections In full, use the votes to protect national sovereignty, and maintain justice of judicial reform, and end to Taiwan. In order to bridge the way to normalize the Taiwan state, and to be a strong support for the government of Cai. ▲ List of recommended country members in the Taichung City constituency. (Photo / photocopy of the face book "Chen Shui-bian new bravery story") "I have something to say …"

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