Friday , July 1 2022

Andy's esophageal cancer has worsened! Broker confirmed: people in an intensive care unit ETtoday Star Lighting Club | Cloud Cloud News


Lin Yiru Reporter / Taipei Report

Andy has just confirmed she is suffering from esophageal cancer in the third stage. She is currently entering a second stage of chemotherapy. The outside world is surprised. He recently replied through Facebook: "I'll be sure to overcome the disease." But now the condition has deteriorated It was confirmed: "Andy is now in the intensive care unit."

▲ ▼ Andy made audio for the first time. (Andy's image figure / turning)

▲ Andy made a voice for the first time in Facebook. (Andy's image figure / turning)

Andy's agent said, "Thank you very much for your concern. In order to let the family focus on Andy, then give the family enough room. Thank you. If you're in a step, you will report to you immediately, and help Andy. Gas collection. "

The wound was very good in May this year. At the time, the doctor recommended to make a gastroscope, colonoscopy and other exams, but the wound was not good, so I was postponed for a while. I did not expect to swallow the three cups of chicken I had fried by my wife. Finally, a tumor was 5 cm under the throat and a third esophagal cancer stage. Because he could not speak or eat after the surgery, he was treated with chemotherapy first. He had 10 kg of skins so far, which makes the family very distressed.

▲ Family Andy. (Figure / turn from Andy Facebook)

▲ The Andy family has gone to the entertainment industry. (Figure / turn from Andy Facebook)

Because the tumor compresses the trachea, it not only affects the breathing, but also coughs seriously. In an emergency, Andy went to hospital for emergency treatment, as well as chemotherapy, electro-therapy, etc., which produced severe vomiting and very uncomfortable. The work finished on 2 November. After the second phase chemotherapy was released, he answered the Cloudlight Lightlight ETtoday greetings when he was frail, saying that she was inconvenient to speak, and then she gave her wife. Auntie said with distress: "He was in hospital for 48 hours of chemotherapy, he was uncomfortable and scary, wanted to say Put him a beef stuff to make the body."

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