Saturday , June 25 2022

A winning streak criticizes the DPP denies the effectiveness of Chinese vaccines. Netizens are sour: You should fight Free-Times Electronic News


  1. The CPD denies the effectiveness of China’s vaccines. Netizens are sour: You’re going to fight firstElectronic report free time report
  2. Criticizing the government denies China’s vaccine effectiveness streak article: DPP is addicted to being the king of the mountain behind closed doorsTaiwan Apple Daily
  3. Kuai News / Lian Sheng Wen praised Net Acid “China Wufei Vaccine”: I’m fine, you hit firstYahoo News
  4. Do you think the vaccines in Europe and America are too slow? LB Sheng Wen FB blasts government “denies effectiveness of Chinese vaccines”Electronic report free time report
  5. Why did DPP officials keep changing their mouths and getting the timing of vaccines?
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