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2020 Are they and Ke? Huang Chuangxia reveals the incredible facts … – Zhongshi News


The 2020 general election is getting closer and closer, and the blue, white and white parties all grow up. In the KMT, the four suns are still conflicts, and the party does not have a leader. Given this, a number of recent surveys have included Kaohsiung Mayor of Korea Yu, who has strong Internet popularity. Statistics, surveys show that South Korea and Yu have the highest surveys. However, Huang Chuangxia believes that the opportunity to elect Kaohsiung Mayor of Korea is essentially incredible. "Without Core Yu, can Ke Wenzhe replace it?" The adjustment of the data shows different contrasts, Ke Wenzhe's support varies, stating that support for Ke Wenzhe is "strategic choice" and is not sound!

Huang Chuang Xia Jin said in Facebook that the vote currently shows that South Korea and Yu have the highest surveys. However, the chances of choosing Yu Yu Korea are basically very small. If South Korea Yu is attacking the presidential palace immediately, I fear that the voice of the opposition will rise immediately. . Media surveys also show that if South Korea and Yu go straight to the presidential palace, in Kaohsiung City, there is an "51.5%" disappointed. The opposition is expected to have the power of CPD and the times, but media analysis shows that "20 Over half of the 49-year-olds and" women "disagreed, saying" the urgent task of yoga from South Korea is to make Kaohsiung make a fortune, which is a matter of urgency. "

"Without Core Yu, can Ke Wenzhe replace it?" Huang Chuangxia also said that Ke Wenzhe's support had varied rapidly in comparatively different surveys, stating that support for Ke Wenzhe was "a strategic choice". Not solid! There are many people who will compare James Soong in the presidential election of 2000 to the current Ke Wenzhe. I'm afraid that it is too optimistic.

He said, first of all, that the current popularity of Ke Wenzhe is of course high, but not as high as South Korea, but there is a great deal behind James Soong. Secondly, James Soong was in the "31 town and town township" president of the province and the office of governor, not only for each. A place is familiar, and he is "love and just" for the elderly and the squares in different places. In the long term coverage of the state's huge resources, it has been a "self-person" for a long time. Soong Chu-yu has been used for many years to nurture The most powerful "election army" in Taiwan's history is the exceptional obstacle that Ke Wenzhe can not expect a copy in the short term.

Huang Chuangxia stressed that the most boring thing is that many Kuomintang's "sunsets" are not even "candles" under the iron law "big light bulbs and small candles". No matter who's out, I'm afraid that the "Ding Shouzhong phenomenon" will be rewritten!

(China Times Newsletter)

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