Monday , January 18 2021

Zurich SVP: Patrick Walder becomes president, Bortoluzzi becomes vice president

31-year-old becomes the president of the SVP Zurich – Toni Bortoluzzi becomes vice president

Executive board SVP Zurich decided on Monday at a special meeting in Wallisellen, which will lead the unwell party in the national elections: Patrick Walder of Dübendorf to raise the pieces – at least until the elections.

The 31-year-old local council, which had run unsuccessfully for the cantonal council, should replace the former president of the party Konrad Langhart, who resigned because of the electoral defeat of Zurich SVP.

Next to Langhart also the first vice president Gregor Rutz, the second vice president Stefan Schmid and the party secretary Roland Scheck and the deputy party secretary Christoph Bähler.

Viezepräsidien should be replaced by the former National Council, Toni Bortoluzzi, Canton Councilor Elizabeth Pflugshaupt and Canton Orlando Beaches. The secretariat has not been re-staffed.

National Councilor Toni Bortoluzzi acts as Vice President. Picture: KEYSTONE

On Tuesday, the delegates will officially confirm this option of the board. The party's new leadership should remain in office until at least the federal elections. Walder was pleased that he could "rely on such experienced strengths" in his new role.

Former president sees himself as a "pawn sacrifice"

Last Friday, there was a mass resignation at the top of the party. Former party president Langhart described himself as a "pawn sacrifice". But he also stepped back from his own pieces, he told Keystone-SDA on Friday.

What the GMP does wrong: t

"If there are losses again in the national elections in the fall, I can and I do not want to take responsibility." Moreover, our man is wrong if you need to look harder.

The SVP Zurich lost 5.6 percent of the cantonal elections. He lost 9 seats and fell back to his lowest level since 1995. With 45 mandates, however, he still represents the largest fraction in the 180-member Cantonese Council. (SDA)

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"Pure provocation": The new Arena presenter, Brotz, is worried

Sandro Brotz has struggled repeatedly with senior SVP politicians in the past. The fact that the front party "Rundschau" holds the "Arena" in the future will be met with a great misunderstanding by the party Sünneli.

Politically, our bold choice is: the current Moderator of "Rundschau" Sandro Brotz will be the moderator of the "Arena" discussion program in the future. Jonas Projer succeeds who, after five years on Swiss TV channel SRF, join the group "Blick".

Brotz is not someone, but a man who likes to overcome the powerful. Especially SVP opponents, it has recently come to boil repeatedly.

An unforgettable interview with the former … t

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