Thursday , May 19 2022

YB gradually loses Manchester United


The Young Boys in Old Trafford screamed on respectful success in the first class over! In injury time, Marouane Fellaini produces 1: 0 for Manchester United – and thus gets into the heart of the BI.

Mourinho turns completely

Fellaini destroys all YB hopes

The game: The best scenes are taking place this evening off the field – touring YB fans get the highest atmosphere in Old Trafford. Even before the kickoff. Even in the hot start, where Bernese is under pressure. And more so, after an YB defender, Steve von Bergen, stayed in the cabin and hit during the break. And it's even stronger even as Swiss champions become increasingly alarming as the game continues, and they are beginning to win their first chance. As in the 70 minutes, when ManUtd goalie De Gea has to deny a massive march on the line to stop YB lead. Bernese fans sing and sing – and are impressed. And players? The increase during the game in such a way that there is a very respectable victory against the English record champion there. Or not? Na! Due to the fact that Marouane Fellaini is an YB shock in an injury time – and even silences the silence of the YB fans for a short time.

91 minutes, 1: 0 | Marouane Fellaini | After Shaw cross Lukaku stretches his heading – directly to Fellaini, which brings the ball under control first and then arrives at the bottom corner on the left of the turn .

The best: David de Gea. It's incredible how the United idle scratches the scraps off the line.

The worst: Marcus Rashford. The star of England could only decide on the game, but it's pervading its various, sometimes annoying opportunities.

He gave that talk: Both coaches are surprising with their lines. Jose Mourinho leaves his Paul Pogba superstars and Romelu Lukaku on the bench. The same fate brings regular coach Gerry Seoane, Christian Fassnacht, YB coach. The Bernese begins with a young blood thirst in the central field: Lauper, Sow and Aebischer.

So it's going on: YB has the opportunity to win the Champions League during this group period, although this task is very difficult. On December 12, Juventus joins Cristiano Ronaldo at the Stade de Suisse (9pm).

Manchester United – YB 1: 0
Old Trafford. 75,000 fans. SR: Brych (De)
Tor: 91. Fellaini 1: 0.
ManUtd: De Gea; Valencia, Jones, Bachi, Shaw; Fellaini, Matic, Fred; Lingard, Rashford, Fighting.
YB: O Ballmoos; Mbabu, Camara, or Bergen, Benito; Lauper; Sulejmani, Sow, Aebischer, Assalé; Nsame.
deputies: ManUtd: Lukaku (64 for Lingard). Pogba (64. for Fred). Matthew (73th for Valencia). YB: Garcia (46 for Bergen). Fassnacht (66. for Sulejmani). M. Ngamaleu (82 Nsame).
yellow: 22. Matic (budder). 48. Camera (budder). 61. Benito (budr). 72th Valencia (budder).
comments: ManUnited without Lindelöf (injury). YB without Sanogo (had to stop) and Hoarau (injury).

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