Tuesday , August 16 2022

Xiaomi wants to pick up big smartphone batteries in 15 minutes


If it goes after the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, it won't take more than 20 minutes in the future, even for relatively large batteries. Thanks to the technique of the name Super Charge Turbo Xiaomi wants to pump up to 100 watts to the batteries.

Recently, Bin Lin, co-founder and Xiaomi video president released it by counting with Weibo Twitter's Twitter Twitter Web, showing how a prototype of Xiaomi's smartphone can be recharged to full battery capacity in no time with the technology new charging. The device is noted with 4000mAh, so it is equivalent to what is also used in Xiaomi Mi9.

The video clearly shows how fast it can go with even more power: within just 17 minutes, there is a clear prototype smartphone; to fill. When and what device Xiaomi wants to use the Super Charge Turbo technology for the first time, it's still unclear. Normally, the short clip is nothing more than feeling, as it has been announced by Xiaomi senior officials more often.

Xiaomi probably uses a five ampere loader and 20 volts, which should also be big enough. Currently Xiaomi is still common on the Quick Lot 4.0 offered by Qualcomm with its chips, so it is now likely to be able to deviate from the normal practice. However, QC4 also offers "only" 18 watts and so is even lower than the faster wireless charging technology used in the Mi9 with 20 watts.

Huawei and other manufacturers have been following extremely fast charging technology for smartphones for some time. For example, Huawei has been offering up to 40 watts for some devices, while Huawei Mate X has even reached 55 watts. Also, Xiaomi competitor, Oppo, loads certain devices that are already up to 50 watts. For the longevity of the batteries due to technological limitations of lithium batteries, of course, more cautious storage would be quite useful.

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