Monday , March 1 2021

Written stupid on women's immoral proposals

The Swiss Latin Writer Loco star can not save himself from a fan post. Among them there is a lot of slippery news and immoral offers too.

Since its "Adios" summer hit, Loco Escrito (28) has set up itself as a Latin star in Switzerland. Certainly, it has a lot of news from supporters on social media – including many slippery stuff!

"Every day I get nude women's photos," admitted Loco Escrito, whose real name is Nicolas Herzig and comes from Zurich Oberland. "Many write to me, they want to get married. Especially Latinas from South America. But the pudend is deeper anyway. Some make me" Zältli "and write that they want to pollute."

He has already offered money for sex

But he's getting even more difficult: "A woman offered me 3,000 francs for sex. And a man of an elder asked me if I would sleep with a young lady. Hurt!"

Men's messages, however, are limited in Herzig. "Of course, homosexual men have already written to me that they would draw me attractive, but I've never had an apple or anything similar. For once, the men are more bound!", He said with a wink.

He used to find exciting news

Escrito does not find the inconvenient proposals exciting: "Of course, as a 20 year old, I would have found all the girls excited and would have met them in part," said Herzig. "But today I'm dad for a woman almost three, and I have other things in my head." He has had two nights with supporters, but he did not. «I'm looking for something that's going on.»

After all, among the many messages from fans it is also pretty beautiful and enjoyable. "When people write to me, how they influence my music and give them strength, this is the most for me!"

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