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Will Smith's Instagram: Touch Words by Fab Trey


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When it comes to its family, the Will Smith cooling is otherwise really emotional. So also in a recent Instagram video. In this regard, the United States actor speaks openly about the relationship with his eldest son of Trey and it's revealed: It was not always like this.

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The Will Smith family is a great name in Hollywood. Besides the actor "Prince of Bel-Air", Mama Jada and Jaden's son are also active as actors and Willow's daughter start their own music career.

But nobody knows very little: Will Smith has another son. From her previous marriage to Sheree Zampino his eldest son, Trey.

Hollywood star is now going to address very exciting words in an Instagram post recently.

On Tuesday, the 50-year-old from a hotel room in Abu Dhabi reported. He was there with the son of Trey there on the occasion of Formula race 1. In his Instagram clip, Will Smith explains, "We hang together, and I usually take my children individually with them to have their own father's time. "

Will Smith – more than a father

As part of this "daddy", the 26-year-old Trey said something was close to his father. Near tears, the actor said, "He touched me when he said, Do you know what, Dad? I realized that you are not just my dad, you are my best friend too. . & # 39; "

The relationship between Will Smith and his eldest son, Trey is not always good, suggesting the commentary to the Instagram video. He says: "He was fired over years after his divorce by his mother, he felt that he was betrayed and left."

Everything is right again, even more: that Will Smith and his son now have a close relative, a blessing to the Hollywood star.
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Will Smith celebrated her 50th birthday on September 25th. And he still looks like his best times as "The Prince of the Bel-Air". But not only does he seem to have fallen into a youth fountain. Even these stars simply refuse to get older.

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