Sunday , February 28 2021

Will Joker Nobel Nsame now score the YB watch goals?

YB Guillaume Hoarau (34) star missing in today's Champions League championship in Manchester (21 yrs) has been injured. That's the chance to top joke Jean-Pierre Nsame (25).

Ironically now! Ironically, before the biggest game in the history of YB club, Star Guillaume Hoarau (34) has injured Lugano on the ankle. The French did not even travel to England for the allegation of the Champions League in Manchester United.

YB without the peak of numbers in Old Trafford and without the underwent ambush leader Sekou Sanogo – the only way to help the geek is to pray. A very joke Jean-Pierre Nsame (25)! The Cameroon focuses suddenly due to the Hoarau injury. YB coach Gerry Seoane said yesterday before the United hit: "He is the same player as Hoarau. Jean-Pierre is expected to play from the start."

It has been the Nsame advantage since he moved from Servette to Bern in 2017. He regularly shoots his Jokertore. But it's just really just with Hoarau's injuries and running.

As even the new trainer, Gerry Seoane, had not changed the basic pecking order. "He accepts the decision, but not the situation," said Seoane about the other Nsame permanent joke. "You have to fight this situation. There's some disappointment when one does not play, put or pull out. You have to take the player on board and explain why & # 39; n play. "

Seven back – and yet just jokes

In the Premier League Only five times this term in eleven starts. However, however, there is a fourth with seven goals in the score list. How does Seoane manage to keep the clippers happy?

YB Trainer: "Jean-Pierre is a special case. It's a potential player for us, of everything. We only have two outstanding players in this situation with Guillaume Hoarau and we. We have all time trying to raise it, it will continue on this path with us, that it understands the decisions and is very hot when it comes in. It will be very important for us in the future. "

The future is now. Urgents and points against YB against ManUnited are needed for the long-term competition and a great deal of hope for the Europa League in the Mixed Champions League campaign.

For Nsame he will be the highlight of his career so far. It's only two years ago that it starts Le Mont with Servette and only 56 minutes in the Champions League so far – does it use a parole chance in front of 75,000 fans?

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