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We drink beer more and more countries – overseas ponds are losing market share

We drink beer more and more countries – overseas ponds are losing market share

The 2018 hot spring and hot spring has increased Swiss brewery sales. Domestic production increased while imports have yet to decline. According to the industry association, however, the progress does not reverse the trend again.

The total beer market in the year 2017/18 was increased by the end of September by 1.8 per cent to about 4.70 million hectoliters, as announced by the Swiss Brewery Association on Tuesday. Although domestic breweries increased output by 3.9 percent, beer imports down 4.6 per cent to 1.14 million hectoliters over the reporting period and losing land again. Thus the total market share of a domestic brewery rose to around 77 per cent of 75 per cent in the same period last year.

The variety of beer increases

"The fact that the import is declining, is grateful," says President Markus Zemp's Association at a media conference in Zurich on Tuesday. "The variety of beer has continued to increase and the large breweries have also expanded the offer."

"This is the first progress since 2014," said Marcel Kreber, director of the Brewery Association. "It does not reverse the trend again." Eating alcoholic beverages per head continues to decrease in the tendency.

55 liters per head

The expert beneficiary, now with a 18 per cent share (16 per cent in the previous year), was the main beneficiaries. The bottom lager beer and the special beer (Swiss version of the beer) achieved a proportion of 82 per cent. The use of the head is expected to be 55 liters (previous year: 54.3 liters) according to preliminary estimates.

The warmest spring and hot summer of 2018 would have a big impact on the positive result, the society's director said. In particular, there was an uncommon increase in beer product year after April, May and July.

Lack of skilled labor even in beer breweries

Despite the positive development of the market, there are also negative developments. "The industry feels skill shortages," said Zemp. Every year, only about ten students would complete the training as a brewer. "The needs of the industry are much higher." The infrastructure would only have the big breweries to secure work-based training. The society wants to promote and co-ordinate the brewer's co-operation in the training.

The brewery has 21 members with 23 breweries. Erusbacher and Paul breeders of Villmergen and WhiteFrontier of Martigny were added as new members in the last brewing year. The industry directly and indirectly offers around 48,000 jobs in Switzerland. A member may become a member who can deliver at least 2,000 hectares of sales per year only.

Nearly 1000 Swiss chants

The growth in brewery numbers is continuous and the variety of beer increases steadily, society continues. At the end of October, a total of 995 burials are kept in the list of the taxable domestic brewery of the Swiss Federal Customs Administration, compared to 833 a year ago. The start boom continued seamlessly or even strengthened. But it is also true that individual breweries have given them the best for their activities mainly for economic reasons.

A brewery of anyone who is a brewery breaks more than four hectolitr (400 liters) of beer per year for work or hobbies, or who gives or sells them irrespective of size.

(RhE / AWP / SDA)

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