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Inappropriate behavior Sebastian Vettel in qualifying for the Grand Prix of Brazil is the Ferrari star less expensive than fear: Just a warning and penalty of 25,000 euros.

Sebastian Vettel can keep its second place on the grid for the Brazilian Grand Prix! FIA race commissioners, Tim Mayer (USA), Silvia Bellot (Spain), Emanuele Pirro (Italy) and Felipe Giaffone (Brazil) leave the champion four times warning and a fine of 25,000 euros after a qualified mistake.

That could have come to the eye: First, Vettel had beaten a truck with Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton, by 93,000 seconds, then he asked the stewards to race. They wanted to listen to what was going on for Vettel when he was drunk as a street raff when applying. First, the four-time global champion provoked that he had to turn to Libra, then he drove a traffic cone over the pile, then he rushed on the scales, the time was blocked, because he came Rain, Vettel wanted as soon as possible back to a box, when driving away, damaging the scale.

Vettel then defended himself: "Maybe it would be better if I could not tell anything. If the conditions begin to change like today, with the start of rain, then a driver should not be asked for the scale. That's just right. I wanted them to hurry. "

Only a person who is worried about the FIA, be it an emergency driver or not. Vehicles that need to be pressed are randomly selected, and this is not determined by the meteorological conditions or the special wishes of world champions.

In sports law, under Article 29.1. It will open exactly how drivers have to behave when the car is weighed. Furthermore, we will see in the Sports Code under Article 12.1.1. And then I have to keep the drivers to the officers' instructions. The pen catalog varies in such cases from cautions for penalty transfers to prohibit training.

In the ruling of Tim Mayer (USA), Silvia Bellot (Spain), Emanuele Pirro (Italy) and Felipe Giaffone (Brazil) he says now: "We looked at a video, to data from Ferrari, and we listened to what Sebastian Vettel has to say that, although that has looked differently at first, Vettel has turned off his car's engine, if not at the usual time. Pressure could be set. So, the foundations for The balance procedure is basically met, and the commissioners do not recognize a rule in violation.

"However, the officers give driver instructions to ensure not only a sharp flow of pressure, but also to satisfy the security and protect the damage scale. The officers have decided that Vettel has not turned off his engine at the required time. He has dropped a traffic hat, which was set up there to stop driving on the scales. Vettel then received a sign that he left his foot on the brake. The officer concerned stood in front of the car, however, Vettel came off the brakes and although he did not touch the officer, he was forced to step off. then Vettel turned off the engine. "

"After the weight was determined, Vettel did not expect the officers to be pushed off the scales. We accept that this could have been a misunderstanding, but Vettel started the engine that drove The scales itself, which is not wise because it can damage the sensitive device, which occurred promptly. Nobody was hurt when the cruel elements were flying back. & # 39; The commissioners believe that Vettel has driven an incredible way, but the whole process has prescribed it in such a way as to protect people and equipment.

"We believe that Vettel ignores the instructions of the officers and security at risk, so a warning and penalty of 25,000 euros. Candidates have the right to challenge this penalty."

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