Thursday , August 22 2019
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Verona Pooth confuses the Swiss flag on Instagram


On Instagram, Verona Pooth told her supporters how excited she was about the holidays in Switzerland. Dumb, added the wrong emotion.

In geography Verona Pooth (51) seems to need extra help. The current advertising icon leaves at Ticino. Before the trip with her husband Franjo (49), he informed his supporters how great the expedition is. "I'm looking forward to the beautiful Swiss," he wrote to a picture of herself with a big suitcase. But here also the wrongdoing happened: Instead of posting the Swiss cross, the woman chose the Danish flag emotion television.

The response from their supporters did not come long. Almost all of the comments noted Pooth's mistake. "You have a flag of Denmark and not selected Switzerland," he said. Another user gives her a tip for the next time: "The white cross in the Danish flag is longer than the one in the Swiss flag and the red is another red." "When are you back in Germany?", Wish to know a shameless fan. He also posted an emotion from the Belgian flag.

"This is somehow typical for me"

Verona Pooth herself takes her mistake with humor. "Why? There is a white cross on a red background," she mimics the ignorant for the first time. But then I realize that a mistake of such a "somehow typical" for her. For that reason, she probably left the faux pass too. (KLM)

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