Tuesday , May 24 2022

Two daughters kidnapped after 5 years ago in Switzerland


His two Bernese daughters were taken by her father to Egypt five years ago. Now the children (7 and 9) are back in Switzerland with their mother.

Two daughters brought by her father to Egypt returned to the Bernese Oberland 2014 on the weekend. Odyssey came to an end after more than four and a half years.

The Federal Foreign Affairs Department (FDFA) confirmed Monday corresponding reports in the "Bernese Oberland" and in the "Jeitung Jungle". The FDFA supported the Swiss mother in the context of consular protection for several years.

A father was kidnapped to Egypt

The girls are seven and nineteen years old. He dropped his father in Egypt to his homeland in July 2014. There, in 2016, the mother was able to fight for child custody. But it took years before both of the girls left.

It is not known how the form was made exactly. For data and personal security reasons, the FDFA does not give any details of the case.

«Joy Joy»

She wrote the girls' tide on Facebook at the weekend: «Joy prevail! Our heresies were released in Egypt and can return to their mother in Switzerland. We hope now that you can spend the rest of your youth here without interruption. "

The Swiss family's fight for both children has recorded in a public group on Facebook. The case attracted a lot of attention in the Bernese Oberland. There were public views, fundraisers and a petition to former Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter. (SDA)

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